7 of the prettiest mews in London

April 20, 2017
Since moving to London,  I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with architecture. My instagram is only more proof of all the buildings I’ve snapped over the last three years but there’s one thing more than any other that I love taking pictures of! If you guessed that it was mews (mewses? What’s the plural of Mews?)  you are clever and completely correct.  I love Mews and have made it my mission to take pictures in as many of them as I can find. It’s a bloggers dream,  really, and I’m sure you’ll look back and see many an outfit post taken in a cute little Mews.  Well,  now I’m sharing some of my favorites! Some you may know,  some you may not… in which case,  you’re welcome!

St. Luke’s Mews, W11

Perhaps the most well known of the bunch, we’ve all been to St. Luke’s Mews and snapped the adorable pink and green houses. Those of us who’ve watched it enough times to know it backwards, might recognize the mews from Love Actually. These days, St Luke’s Mews is covered in plant life and there’s even a cute little cat you may spot!

Queen’s Gate Mews

A discovery I made one day, early in my residence as I walked around enjoying the little daylight there was. I’d made a stop at the V&A, one of my favorite museums, in an effort to get out of the house, and in my wonderings stumbled across Queen’s Gate Mews! Pretty in every way, it was the discovery of this mews that urged me to discover what mews even were, and where there were more!

Kynance Mews, SW7

No doubt you spotted Kynance Mews this past Fall, when the ivy was turning a delightful shade of red and it began popping up on your Instagram feeds! Kynance Mews has been on my radar since I took some outfit photos there last spring (remember this babe?) Wisteria in the spring and gorgeous ivy changing colors in the fall, it’s just a beauty to behold no matter the time of year!

Ennismore Garden Mews, SW7

Discovered on a stroll after visiting the V&A, I had some time to kill before work and went for a wander. Can you tell that I do that a lot? I love to wander and if I find a place that’s photo-worthy or I want to visit again, I star it on my Google Maps. Ah, the life of a blogger. Tucked away behind a church and a stones throw from busy Brompton Road, this little slice of pastel heaven is the perfect spot for an outfit snap or a quiet moment. You won’t regret taking a stroll down these cobbled streets!

Sussex Mews West/Bathurst Mews, W2

I’ve added these together because they’re right next door to each other and it would be silly to visit one without the other! A newer discovery thanks to the many London themed accounts that I follow on Instagram! I decided to go for a wander through an area of London I’d not been to very much, specifically to find these beauties, and I’m glad I did! Sussex Mews West, though small, is absolutely adorable, and Bathurst Mews, while much bigger, is just as precious. Typically, when I went to take a picture, there was a fair bit of construction happening (typical) but it was still lovely to walk down. I even spotted a horse or two, since Bathurst Mews is home to not one but two stables, just like the good old days!

Hyde Park Mews, W2

Yet another Instagram find that I forgot about until I was walking down the cobbled street! There are so many mews in this area that I kept stumbling on more and more. There were a few I found that were absolutely stunning, and Hyde Park Mews was definitely one of them. The proof is in the pudding! I often think of mews as tiny little streets with pastel houses, and can you blame me? So many of the best ones are, but Hyde Park Mews, while featuring no pastel houses strictly speaking, is just as charming and lovely. I suspect I’ll be saving this one for many an outfit post!

There you have it! To be completely honest, I could have made this list about 20 or 30 mews long, but would you stick around for all that? There are so many gorgeous mews all around the city and I bet if you get exploring, you’ll find lots of them! I’ve found so many just through exploring. Not all those who wander are lost, as they say, and if mews are to be found, well then, I’ll wander away!

Happy Mews Hunting!

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