Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues

December 15, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Surviving the Post-Holiday Blues

Is it socially acceptable to wear my Christmas jumper long after Christmas has been wrapped up? It’s creeping ever closer and I can already feel the post-holiday blues begin to set in. We go from a delightfully festive Christmas straight into the bleakest month of the whole year. January always feels a bit rough, doesn’t it? I know Christmas hadn’t even passed yet, but I’m already making a proactive effort to help get me through the post-holiday blues. Just so I’m prepared!

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Ghenet Actually || Hot Chocolate and Heart to Hearts
Let's Chat Personal Style

A Little Life Chat

Howdy, lovely people! I hope this post finds you well in the midst of the countdown to Christmas! Just checking in for a bit of a chat, instead of talking about something specific. Have I ever done a post like this before? I’m not…

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December 11, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Kim-Joy's Ginger Biscuits

Recipe || Kim-Joy’s Ginger Biscuits

Nothing says Christmas like a little bit of gingerbread! It’s also one of the things I’ve always been scared to try baking. Cue this season of Bake Off! I fell totally in love with Kim-Joy and the number of ginger biscuits she made throughout…

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December 8, 2018