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A Few Love Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Years

February 16, 2019
Ghenet Actually || 3 Love Lessons I've Learned

February is all about Valentine’s Day isn’t it? Everything goes all pink and heart eyed! Not that I mind. It’s sweet. Though I can’t really say I’ve always been the biggest fan of it. Who needs a holiday to show someone how you feel! But, what girl doesn’t love an excuse to eat their weight in chocolate? Love is in the air just now, and I’m taking a minute to look at a few of the love lessons I’ve learned along the way! Valentine’s Day may have passed, but these are things I’ll definitely be keeping with me for a long time! Continue Reading

Ghenet Actually || My Go To Make-Up Look
Beauty Make Up

My Go-To Makeup Look

Surprise! It’s not often you see me without my glasses, is it? To be fair, I’ve been wearing specs for more than half my life, and I struggle to recognize myself without them on! When it comes to doing my makeup, that’s something I…

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February 12, 2019