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June 21, 2016
Living just down the road from Crystal Palace is really great, because we don’t have to go very far for a nice time! Right on the triangle (that’s what they call the main bit of Crystal Palace… because the road makes a triangle) there are shops and restaurants galore, not to mention a pretty sweet view of London! When I’ve told people I live near Crystal Palace, the most common response I get is, oh I’ve never been there! So I thought I’d compile a little guide of all my favorite things in Crystal Palace!

Best Sunshine Spot: Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park is absolutely gorgeous! It’s massive, and never feels too overrun, even on a sunny Sunday afternoon when everyone is catching some rays. Not only that, but the park boasts the famous Crystal Palace dinosaurs, which were built as part of a leisurely display sometime in the 1850s. If you walk up a bit further, you can also still see remnants of the original Crystal Palace, the namesake of the area. Wandering through the park is the perfect way to while away the afternoon!

Best Pizza: 400 Rabbits

Have we talked about how much I love pizza? No? Oh. Well, I love pizza! When 400 Rabbits opened up not too long ago, I thought, finally, a nice place near home where I can get a great pizza! My first trip proved me correct! Not only do they have great pizza, but they serve craft beer and amazing gelato as well. So plan to be very full by the time you leave!

Best Candles: Milkhouse Candles

This amazing shop was a random “let’s wander down this road” discovery, and it’s definitely a gem! We left with about 10 candles! There are so many choices, of scent and size, so it’s nearly impossible not to find at least 5 things you’d want! The candles burn for ages and the scent lingers even once it’s no longer burning. The best bit? You can take in any container and they will make it a candle for you! I’ve got a few tea cups and jam jars that I’ll be taking up there soon!

Best Vintage Furniture Scouting: Bambino

Crystal Palace has quite the reputation for great vintage finds, be it furniture, clothes, or any assortment of bric-a-brac! In fact, if you wander over to Church Road, you’ll spot Bambino, wedged in along a line of several other vintage furniture shops! I’ve wandered up there quite a bit for some home decor inspiration, but if you see something you like, you should probably snap it up quick, or you’ll miss it! Bambino does it right, and has a coffee shop next door, in case all that vintage shopping leaves you a little parched!

Best Market: Haynes Lane Market

Haynes Lane Market is basically a building filled with stuff. I mean “stuff” in the absolute best sense of the word. Furniture, clothing, books, vinyl, just about anything you can think of! It’s a heaven to anyone who likes vintage anything! Every Saturday, Haynes Lane also hosts the Crystal Palace Food Market, to satisfy your craving of good quality, locally sourced, sustainable food. It’s very impressive to see, and very tempting to buy everything!

Best Meal: Crystal Palace Market

After P and I had our registry office ceremony, our families went to dinner at Crystal Palace Market, and it was divine. It’s held a special place in my heart ever since then. Everything is locally sourced as well, and the menu offers quite a bit of choice. In my personal opinion, a restaurant’s decor says alot about it, and Crystal Palace Market has that pretty much in the bag! Green subway tile for the win!

Best Café: Brown and Green

The cafe, located up on the Triangle, also has two smaller locations in the Crystal Palace train station (including one on Platform 1!). All three of their cafes are totally adorable, but their location on  the Triangle is the tops! I’ve been there several times, for breakfast and for a cup of coffee and it never disappoints! People come and go all the time, and it’s the sweetest little spot for a bite to eat. Their chai lattes are pretty enjoyable if I do say so myself, and they’re served in Kilner jars, which is basically every blogger’s dream, isn’t it?

Best Place for a Pint: Westow House

Comfy sofas and a great selection of drinks is usually all you want from a pub, but Westow House goes above and beyond. They’ve got a great selection of craft beers and ciders as well as the more traditional stuff, their food is great, and they offer pinball machines and a library to accompany their cozy couches. Job done. Look no further for your perfect pub.
There you have it! My favorite bits of Crystal Palace, and this isn’t even everything! There are so many shops and restaurants in the area that had I listed them all, it would have turned into a novel instead of a blog post! If you’ve never been to Crystal Palace, you should definitely visit! It’s a wonderful area, and is the perfect place to spend a sunny day!

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