by your side: a sidetable diy

July 19, 2016
I am officially back on the DIY train and boy does it feel good. I love being creative and upcycling furniture is my favorite way to do that! My current bedside table is a bit of a mess. It was an old one of P’s that I applied a lick f paint to and used because I couldn’t afford anything else at the time. I then decided that I wanted something a little more fitting for our flat.

We’ve had to put a lot of work into making the flat feel homey, especially because there were structural things that had to be sorted out before we could really do much decorating. We currently just have a cement floor, because when we pulled up the carpets, we found the cement underneath crumbling. So we had to re-cement pretty much every room. We then decided to do everything else in the way of building, painting, and decorating before we put new carpet in, so that it doesn’t end up getting destroyed. The bonus is, when I do these DIY projects, I’ve got a bit more freedom and don’t have to worry too much about the mess I’m making!
I couldn’t decide if I wanted full wood or something nice and sleek, and then I thought, why not have both? In the end, I decided I would stain the bottom half of each, and then paint the top white. I gave the stool and bedside table a quick sand before staining the bottom half with two coats of wood stain. Once dry, I taped off the area to remain stained and painted the remainder white, with two coats of paint. Once it was dry, I used a spray varnish to finish!

What do you think? Would you be up for trying a little DIY of your own?

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  • Reply shulammitegirl November 5, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    I love wooden furniture but I think the white is a nice finish.

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