3 Podcasts I’m Listening To This Week

August 20, 2017

Happy Sunday folks! I hope you’re having a nice relaxed day and doing something you enjoy! I’m planning a chilled out day, that involves a bubble bath, multiple cups of tea and a bit of reading. The other thing I’ve gotten into on my lazy Sundays? Listening to podcasts! I’m relatively new to the podcast game, having only really started listening to them a few months ago, but I’ve found quite a few that I’m enjoying. Particularly given the political climate at the moment, I really wanted to share!

The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde
I’ve been a fan of Estée for ages, especially since I read her book last year! When I heard she was starting a podcast, naturally I was excited! It took me a little bit of time to find and listen to it (thanks for leading me to it, Estée!) and when I did, it didn’t disappoint. Though it’s only the first episode, Estée’s take on protest was fascinating, and I loved her conversation with Nina Donovan, who was so articulate and educated. It was genuinely nice to listen to something political but in a more conversational context. It was incredibly engaging, so much so that I listened to it twice! I can’t wait to see what else Estée talks about either!

Listen Here

The Receipts Podcast
I don’t entirely remember who recommended this to me, but from the very first episode I was completely hooked! Whenever I’m listening to it, I get so involved, I forget sometimes that I’m not in the room with them. It’s like when you’re on your way home and you hear some girls having a conversation and they are just speaking so many truths, you just want to join in with a, “girl, me  too!” It’s a bit like that. These hilarious women touch on everything from sex, to being cheated on, relationships and racism. No topic is off-limits and it’s so refreshing to hear. Seriously, ladies, tell me when the next meetup is and I’ll bring the wine!

Listen Here

Conversations with People Who Hate Me with Dylan Marron
This was a podcast I discovered through P, who was listening as he cooked dinner a few weeks ago. He tends to listen to more political and historical kinds of things, but my attention was caught by this one, for sure. The premise? Dylan Marron, who has a number of video series and is a successful writer, has conversations with people who have sent him mean and hurtful messages. It’s a really fascinating concept, taking that interaction a step further and trying to understand where it’s all coming from. It’s a fairly new podcast, with only two episodes so far, but both of them are definitely worth a listen. It definitely reminds you that there are better ways to have a conversation than just trying to force your opinion down someone’s throat.

Listen Here

And a bonus one!

Rainbow by Kesha
Okay, okay, not a podcast, but I’ve been listening to this album on repeat all week! I’ve been a fan of Kesha for a while,  even way back when  she still had a dollar sign in her name. Her party tunes bolstered many a night out; I’ve even been to a few Kesha-themed party or two, compete with an explosion of glitter, ripped up tees and cowboy boots. We all aspired to wake up feeling like P Diddy,  didn’t we? Her electro-pop, tunes also carried a bit of that “I am who I am, so love it or leave it,” attitude that definitely drew me in. Then, she vanished. For the last 5 years or so, she’s been embroiled in a still-ongoing legal battle to essentially be able to produce music without having to work with a man she alleges caused physical and emotional damage as well as stifling her creative abilities (you can read a concise overview of the situation here). Now,  she’s finally released a new album and I can’t stop listening to it. Rainbow is unlike anything we’ve ever heard from Kesha; it’s plain that this is the album she’s been wanting to make for years. There are still elements of that classic, “I’m weird and I own it,” element of her music, but there’s also the incredible openness and vulnerability of someone who has struggled, grown and persevered. Even if you’re not a big fan of Kesha, I defy you to listen to Praying and not be a little in awe of this woman’s talent and wonder where she’s been hiding it all this time.

Listen Here

What podcasts are you guys listening to at the moment! Leave your recommendations in the comments!

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