3 Tips for Planning Your Christmas Tablescape

December 8, 2017
Ghenet Actually || Planning Your Christmas Tablescape

One of the things that I find really exciting now that I’m a proper ‘adult’ (I use the term loosely) is having people over for dinner. There’s something so nice about cooking a meal for friends, and when it’s a special occasion, I find no greater joy than planning the perfect tablescape! Did you see how I set the table for Friendsgiving? Yeah, I’m that girl… This year, Mr. Actually and I are also hosting Christmas Dinner for the first time so I’m already planning our table! If you’re going to plan a nice meal, why not make it even more enjoyable by setting the scene?

Keep Your Centerpiece on the Simple Side

It’s easy to get carried away when planning a tablescape, but keeping it simple is super important. Otherwise, the design gets a bit lost in the chaos, doesn’t it? We have a dining table that comfortably seats six, so every bit of space counts. Once you’ve got your plates, wine glasses and cutlery, throwing in a huge and complicated centerpiece is going to be very overwhelming! For Friendsgiving, I had two gold candleholders, and some pretty leaves scattered about, and it did the trick. You can opt for a nice bouquet of flowers, or a pretty bowl filled with Christmas ornaments… I have a tray sitting in the center of our table at the moment, and it’s filled with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, and a sparkly deer. Very festive, but not too overwhelming. Besides, too much on your table, and suddenly, when it’s time to eat, you’re having to remove loads of stuff, just to get to the forks!

Try Something Quirky as a Placecard

For Friendsgiving this year, I made some papier mache pumpkins and added gold foil to them. A bit of extra effort, but it was a unique and cool way to pull the table together! For Christmas, I might get some holly and tie them with string, or make wreaths from long stems of rosemary… Even if you don’t add people’s names, it’s a nice little touch that really elevates the whole look, I think! Whether it’s for Christmas, or another special occasion, you have so many options for how to do your place cards, why not add a little pizzazz? Think festive, but think outside the box!

Pick an Accent Color

I’m a big fan of mismatchedness, but it’s nice to have an accent color to tie everything together! Otherwise, it might come off as a little bit sloppy. This holiday season, I’m all about the gold! Our fancy plates have bits of silver and gold on them, and our special occasion cutlery is gold. Our cloth napkins have a touch of silver/grey. That means that the other little bits I add, are going to compliment those colors in some way. No matter the occasion for your doing a pretty tablescape, make sure to pick your accent color (accent being the key word, everything doesn’t need to be that color!), then everything else can serve as a complement to that!

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