4 Things That Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

December 1, 2017

IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME GUYS! Okay, I’m sure most of you are already well aware of that fact, but I still really struggle with going from Halloween straight into Christmas. It feels odd, in some way. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who gets festive in November, but I need a little more time. Now,  though, I’m in full Christmas Mode (and really, Christmas is less than 4 weeks away so if not now, when?)! I’m diving straight in with the Christmas Spirit, and here are a few of the things I’m really excited for!

Digging for Decorations

One of the first things I like to do is see what festive offerings are at my favorite shops. Christmassy mugs and canapes plates from Anthropologie? Yes please! Trolling all the Christmas shops at Liberty, John Lewis, Harrods, and Selfridges for cute ornaments and cards, or merely to browse and dream of decorating your tree with such adorable trinkets? Naturally! Nothing gets me in the mood for a little holiday cheer faster! I’ve already got my eye on some cozy bits, and the flat gets steadily more Christmassy, the more shops I pop into. I’ve heard Homesense has got some pretty spot on Christmas gear, so I’m adding that to my list as well!

Movies and Mince Pies

Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, you name it, I’ll watch it, especially once December rolls around! While I’ll be doing plenty of sitting at home in my jim jams and devouring all the mince pies while I watch said films, I’m also branching out this year. I’m heading over to Prince Charles Cinema for their stellar Christmas Season! I’ve also been eyeing up some of the other cinema set ups that are popping up all over London just in time for the holidays! Luna Cinema is doing a winter cinema that is showing some great films, Backyard Cinema has their Winter Night Garden, and The Winter Forest is showing what looks like the entire Christmas catalogue!

Strap on some Skates

I mean, can you even call it Christmas if you don’t go ice skating? It’s tradition, and a damn good one at that! Somerset House is a personal favorite, and I’ve been a few times, so this year will probably be no exception, unless I decide to mix it up a little! I’ve never been ice skating at the Natural History Museum or in Greenwich, though they look like so much fun! I’ve also been hearing about Skylight, which has a rooftop rink that offers some pretty great views of London as well as some tasty treats! Decisions, decisions! To be honest, I’m not even that great of a skater, and it can be a little scary, but there is something about gliding around on the ice, surrounded by Christmas trees and fab decorations, that just makes me feel festive!

Fun at the Fair

This is something I used to do with my mom, when I was younger. She loves a good crafts fair, and to be honest, I love them too! I’m a big fan of supporting small, independent businesses, and there are some great fairs happening all over London! Etsy Made Local hosts a few every year, and I’ve been to other fairs hosted by them as well! Urban Makers East is also hosting a Christmas fair, which would be well worth a visit! I’m keen to check out the Renegade Craft Fair too, which has been on my radar for a little while! Then, of course, there are the usual Christmas fairs, which are pretty fun too! The fair at Broadgate looks wintery and wonderful, so that one is on my list. Crystal Palace is also hosting a winter fair, and since that one is a little closer to home, I may stop by and check it out. As long as there’s hot chocolate!

Christmas in London can be so wonderful and there is so much to do! What will you be doing to get into the Christmas Spirit?

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