5 Good Things in March

April 3, 2018
Ghenet Actually || 5 Good Things in March

I gotta tell ya, March has been a bit of a funny one. I feel a bit like my mental health has just been ALL OVER the place. Plus I was sick for like a week, and the weather was a bit grim. Now that spring is on the horizon, I feel a little more human, and a little more positive! Still, sometimes it’s nice to remind myself that it’s not just about doing big epic things. Sometimes, the little things are the good things, too!

Ghenet Actually || 5 Good Things in March
Ghenet Actually || 5 Good Things in March
Ghenet Actually || 5 Good Things in March

In Good Company

Sometimes it’s nice to spend time, IRL, with friends. I know I sometimes get caught up in the digital world, connecting with pals plays second fiddle. So, I jumped at the chance to do just that! First up was a delightful little trip down to Winchester to spend the day with Kat. Despite the rain, we had a delightful time! A little sightseeing, good food, and some very good company! I’d say that counts as a very good thing! Then, the very next day, I spent the day in Brighton with some pals of Mr. Actually. I absolutely always enjoy their company and Brighton is one of my favorite little getaways.

Awesome 80s Aerobics

I’ve lost my stride a little bit when it comes to fitness, and I’ve been trying to try new things as a way to motivate myself. One such thing I tried that I’m totally loving is the 80s Aerobics class from Frame. I have always loved to dance and this class is so much fun! Plus, it’s all 80s tunes, which is a total bonus. I’m usually dancing and singing along while I work up a sweat! That’s more than a good thing, it’s a great thing!


I have been VERY late to the Bake Off party. To be fair, I didn’t actually even live in the country until Season 5 had been and gone. I had no clue what it was that people were talking about when Season 6 was airing, and I finally tuned in for Season 7. Needless to say, I was hooked. I’d been thinking about buying the series on DVD so I could watch all the old seasons (and finally get a few more of the references) but then the Netflix Gods heard my call. Low and behold, it appeared on Netflix and I have been getting my fill of soggy bottom puns, and baking innuendo. It brings me so much joy and makes me want to bake all of the things.

Disney Sing-A-Longs

Nostalgic movie viewing is perhaps my favorite kind, especially when Disney films are involved. I’d spotted the special showings that the Clapham Grand puts on, on Jazmin’s Instagram. It looked like so much fun, I knew that if they ever did a showing of my alltime favorite Disney film, I’d be there faster than you could say HUNKules. Yeah, you guessed it. Hercules! I went with my pal, and fellow American, Nicole and we had the greatest time. There was singing, a dance-off, confetti and so much joy. We even bumped into Jazmin and Paige, who also appreciate a good Disney sing-a-long! Another good thing that turned into a great time!

Holiday Planning

Mr. Actually and I are officially going on holiday. We’ve booked our hotel and flights this month, which means it’s totally real! I’m so excited, I’ve been planning what to do, and all my outfits (obvi). This will be the first proper holiday Mr. Actually and I have had since we spent a week in Antigua in 2012. What with my moving to the UK and all the visas that required, buying and renovating our flat, paying for our wedding, and my changing job situation, money has been a little thin on the ground of late. It’s a bit more stable at the moment, so we decided we deserved some nice quality time in the sun. That 100% counts as a good thing!

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