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6 Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Blogging Mojo

August 10, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo

I’ve been on a real podcast kick lately! I never used to listen to them, but there is something really nice about hearing people just having a chat. Lately, I’ve been listening to a few podcasts about and for creative women, which I’m finding really inspiring! I listen to a few other things too (hello murder mystery podcasts, and chatty ones about nothing and everything). These creative podcasts though, have really been inspiring me on another level, and I feel like they’re helping my find my mojo! I listen on my commute, I listen at work, I listen while I’m cooking. It’s just so interesting and inspiring!

Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo
Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo
Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo
Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo
Ghenet Actually || Creative Podcasts Helping Me Find My Mojo

One Girl Band by Lola Hoad
I was introduced to this podcast by Kristabel, who recorded an episode with Lola in June. I loved the questions she asked and how she directed the conversation, so I decided to backtrack and listen to some of the other episodes as well. The advice that Lola gives is great, and so thoughtful, with a real focus on female entrepreneurs who work by themselves. They’re like tiny little pep talks that are dropping so many truths. Plus, I find Lola’s voice really soothing. That’s not weird, right?

Make It Happen by Jen Carrington
Make It Happen is a relatively new listen, and as a result, I’ve got 6 whopping seasons to get through… Still, I’m plowing full steam ahead with this one. Jen is a creative coach, and her podcast shares so many wonderful insights. Not to mention she’s full of lots of sayings that pack a punch. I think it’s from Jen that I heard, ‘You can’t pour from an empty glass,’ and it changed my world! It’s very clear that Jen really just wants to help people succeed and her podcast is very thoughtful in that regard as well as being inspiring!

In Good Company with Otegha Uwagba
You know that little pin book that’s been circulating around? You know which one I mean… Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women. It’s definitely made an impact, and this podcast is by the author. She’s also founded Women Who, a community for creative women. Her podcast serves as almost an extension of both the book and the community, with intimate conversations with creative women. I started with the episode with Emma Gannon, and since then, have tuned in to each monthly episode with gusto! Hers is a very interesting take, and I really like how she engages with the people she’s interviewing.

How To Curate Your Life with Lizzie Evans
This is a podcast that I’ve actually repeated episodes on purely because it’s not just a conversation about careers and such, but about life. There are eleven episodes at the moment, and I’m certainly hoping there will be more. She talks with each of her guests, about their careers, about how they take care of themselves, about their work-life balance, and lots of other little tidbits as well. It’s just a very interesting look at the creative life!

Letters From A Hopeful Creative by Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington
I’m a big fan of Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic podcast, and have been for ages. It’s one that everyone listens to I think! So when I heard that she and Jen were making a podcast together, I was really looking forward to it. LFAHC ha a slightly different format in that they’re answering letters from people who have written in. They’ve covered topics so far (the podcast is still fairly new, having come out in July) such as Instagram anxiety, comparison, living with chronic illness, and when to take the leap. What makes it special is that there are people like you and me asking these questions. Sara and Jen are kindly sharing their expertise and experience in such a kind and thoughtful way. It’s so insightful!

Grow With Soul by Kayte Ferris
I follow Kayte on Twitter and Instagram and I really love her aesthetic. Then she popped up on One Girl Band, with a discussion on slow marketing. I just really liked her vibes! She then mentioned that she was starting her own podcast, and I had to give it a go! Marketing always seems a little scary but as far as podcasts go, I think this one makes it feel so much more organic. I feel like her advice is about being authentic, being your real self and allowing that to help you grow, as she says, ‘slowly, sustainably, and soulfully in their work and in their life.’

I’m having so much fun listening to these podcasts (though this isn’t the definitive list of what I’m listening to…) and I feel like they all sort of inspire me in different ways. Even the more chatty podcasts I’m listening to (Hello, The Fringe of It!) feel like they’re helping me grow. It’s about being part of a conversation I suppose, and podcasts help me tap into that! What about you?

What podcasts are listening to and loving right now?

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    August 14, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    This is such a helpful list! I’ve really been needing inspiration lately, and listening to a good podcast always seems to help. I only subscribe to a few of these already, so I’ve got lots of new stuff to listen to now – yay!

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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