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6 Recent Purchases For Our Flat

September 4, 2018
Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat

I’m going through a weird nesting phase at the moment. I know that’s a term usually used in relation to pregnant women, but I’m feeling it! I’ve not been doing as much clothing shopping and have been much more focused on buying homewares for our flat! Case in point… when I went to Bicester Village last month with Carrie, I came home not with any shopping, but with a teapot! Mr. Actually and I have finally got to a stage where the things we have done aren’t just about repairs. We’re properly decorating and have even started thinking about big purchases like a sofa to replace the second-hand one we were gifted, and the cheap plates I bought at Sainsbury’s when we had nothing in our flat. I thought I’d share a few of the homeware purchases I’ve been making lately!

Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat

A Cute Tea Pot and Mugs

Every home needs to have a plethora of mugs. I’m not quite there yet, but I did recently do a clear out of all of the crappy cheap mugs in our flat, in favor of these beauties. Mr. Actually and I drink a lot of tea and we’d been toying with the idea of getting a teapot. Then, at the aforementioned trip to Bicester Village, I saw and fell head-over-heels in love with this pink beauty. I mean, look at it! I then went out and bought some loose tea so I could learn how to brew a proper pot of tea! I haven’t quite nailed it yet, but I’m getting there. Still, it’s nice to make a pot and then be able to have nice mugs to pour them into. Something so simple, like a nice mug, really makes all the difference.

Teapot, Le Creuset

Mugs, Next

Arm Chair

I mentioned in one of my newsletters not long ago that buying an armchair was a top priority for our flat. We’ve only got a couch, and wanted another comfy seat, though not a large one as space is limited… I spotted this bad boy at Ikea, which is not a place I usually look (for some things, yes, but I wanted to avoid filling our flat with stuff from Ikea…). Anyway, I pinned it to look at later after spying it on someone’s Instagram and thinking it was actually pretty stylish! Mr. Actually gave it his seal of approval and presto change-o, now it’s sitting pretty in our lounge! It’s made a huge difference in our chilling out experience as well, so I’m definitely happy we decided to get an armchair!

Armchair, Ikea

Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat
Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat

New Wine Glasses

Would you believe there was a time when I didn’t drink wine? I know, right? Now I’m all, let’s have a nice glass of wine with dinner! It’s almost like I’ve turned into an adult or something! For ages all we had was some crappy champagne flutes I’d saved from being binned at work. Then, after we went to Sardinia, (and subsequently, after bringing back a few bottles of wine with us) I decided it was time for an upgrade. Now, when we have dinner in the flat, and feel like having some wine, we’ve got these gorgeous glasses to drink from. Yes please to ALL THE WINE!

Wine Glasses, West Elm

Cozy Cushions

Okay, so at the moment, I only have one cushion. We’re saving getting the rest for when we get a new sofa. but I saw this adorable cushion at Anthropologie. I had my eye on it for ages, and then low and behold, it went on sale! Sometimes, I think that buying cushions is a very womanly thing to do. I don’t know any man who’s bought any. Or maybe I just keep thinking about that episode of Coupling from years ago. Mr. Actually likes to joke that I’m only allowed two cushions in the entire flat but since I’ve bought this one, he’s been a fan! I’ve got my eye on lots of other ones as well, we’re just waiting to sort out our couch situation before I go fully blown cushion crazy!

Cushion, Anthropologie

Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat
Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat

Plants, Plants, Plants

One of the things for our flat that I’ve had the most pleasure in buying? Plants! Now that we have Rex, we do have to be extra careful with what we bring home. You might remember that I shared a post about good plants for indoor pets? Well, I’ve been sticking to that list, and even got a few new ones to add to it! I love having greenery around. It’s good for the soul I think. I’m not always great at keeping them alive, so whenever I’m buying plants, I always ask about caring for them, and how hardy they are! I also love fresh cut flowers on my bedside table so I picked up a carafe for the flat, though I use it more as a vase. It’s the little things that make a home a home, ya know?

Plants, Forest & Geo-Fleur

Pretty Little Plates

When I first moved in with Mr. Actually, he only had one plate. Okay, he also had a set of plates given to him by his grandmother, but it wasn’t much! I had to go out and buy a bunch of stuff we needed but didn’t necessarily look for ones we liked. Our plates are one such area. I’ve been picking up pretty plates for us to use and I’ve got my eye on a few others too. I want to get some of those enamel plates too for more every day use in our flat. These plates are what we’ve been using lately though. It’s so nice to spend time cooking a meal and then plating it up on a lovely plate. It’s all part of the experience of eating I think!

Plates, Anthropologie

Ghenet Actually || 6 Recent Purchases for Our Flat

There you have it! Just a few of the purchases I’ve been making to make our flat feel a little bit more like home. We’ve still got more to do before out flat is finished but we’ve come so farin the last few years that these little things are very exciting! The first year that we were living here was basically like being in a building site. Now though, our flat feels cozy, homely and happy!

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