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7 Indoors Plants that Won’t Bother Your Pets

May 4, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Indoor Plants That Won't Bother Your Pets

I love a bit of greenery in the flat. That’s one of the reasons I get a monthly subscription of flowers every month! I love having flowers by my bedside! It instills a sense of life, and has some pretty rad calming effects, especially since our flat is still a work in progress. It’s been a long process getting the flat to a nice place, but the one thing we haven’t skimped on is indoor plants! HOWEVER, since we adopted Rex over a year ago, we’ve had to rethink what kind of plant-life we’re bringing into the flat. Our handsome little furball is strictly indoors and he has FIV, so any indoor plants that are potentially toxic to him are a big no-no! Here are some of the indoor plants we’ve found that don’t bother Rex and shouldn’t bother your furry pals either!

Ghenet Actually || Indoor Plants That Won't Bother Your Pets
Ghenet Actually || Indoor Plants That Won't Bother Your Pets
Ghenet Actually || Indoor Plants That Won't Bother Your Pets

Now I know this list is not entirely perfect, but I spent a lot of time googling indoors plants that wouldn’t harm pets. I mean, I had to! The ASPCA has a very thorough list on their website, but to be honest, it’s a little overwhelming. I ended up turning to blogs more than anything, and chats with people at my local nursery. If I saw a plant that looked cool, I’d then google if it was toxic to pets. From there it was a process of elimination!

Maranta Prayer Plant

In my multiple google searches for ‘indoor plants non toxic to cats’ this is one plant that I kept coming across. I think there are a few different types of prayer plants, but the maranta was the one I kept seeing. It’s not the easiest plant to care for, but I do think it’s worth the effort. I’m not always great at keeping plants alive, but this guy is doing just fine! In fact, I just bought another one because I like them so much! It prefers indirect sunlight, so I’ve popped them in a few corners! They’re peppy and cute, and the perfect little plant!

Boston Fern

There’s something lovely about a lovely fluffy fern! There are some ferns that are toxic, but plenty are absolutely fine for pets and make great indoor plants! Obviously with any new indoor plant you’re introducing to your home, it’s good to keep an eye on how your pet responds. Because Rex has FIV, even though Boston Ferns are non-toxic, I was nervous about bringing them in. Rex was curious, but he wasn’t eating it or knocking it over, so that’s a definite bonus! Be careful though, because there are some ferns that are toxic and wouldn’t make very good indoor plants!

Spider Plant

You want a nice and easy plant to take care of? Spider plant all the way! They don’t require much at all which is perfect! Plus, they’re great for purifying air! I didn’t get a large plant because, well, our flat isn’t too big, so I didn’t want to have all these giant plants everywhere. You could certainly opt for nice big plants; spider plants come in lots of sizes, so you could get a few and mix and match them. Fun, right? I’ve heard other people say their cats are fans of these spiky little beauties!


I’ve got a fair few succulents in the house and they’re the perfect little spot fillers. I’ve got a terrarium on the coffee table, and it’s a nice little treat! I’ve got a few teacups I got in a charity shop that I want to plant some succulents in to have around the house. There’s one I want to get called Donkey’s Tail that looks rather bulbous and unusual! Succulents are a good starter; at least, it was for me! I had a few succulents before I upgraded to more plants!

Chinese Money Plant

I picked up this cute little guy from the lovely ladies of GeoFleur. FYI, it’s the cute one in the round pot and it’s now sitting in our office! It’s also called pilea peromioides if you decide to give it a go! I wasn’t too sure about it, but it’s just so darn cute!

Christmas Cactus

We’ve had this plant for a few years now; it’s a durable little thing! It’s even flowered a few times and is a nice little plant! Rex sometimes tries to give it a sniff but mainly it sits out of his reach. Still, if you’re looking to start off with a plant that won’t completely die if you forget to water it, this is the one! I definitely had to get into the swing of caring for plants but this one was a great starter! Plus, the bright pink flowers are lovely if I do say so myself!

Basil, Sage and Thyme

We have some herbs on the windowsill in the kitchen and it’s a real treat! It’s nice to have them in the house, not just for the smell but for cooking! Plus, Rex finds them intriguing, and we don’t have to worry if he has a nibble! We’ve had lots of herbs in the flat over the last few years, but basil is my absolute favorite!

There you have it! Indoor plants are the way to go in my opinion, but when you have pets, or even children, it’s definitely necessary to do a little bit of research!

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