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A Grown-Up Girl’s Wardrobe

January 22, 2016
Ghenet Actually || The Grown Up Girl's Wardrobe

I wrote a post at the beginning of the year about my New Year’s resolutions, and another post about some of my blogging goals for this year. I have another one to share with you about some wardrobe goals I have. I’m one of those people who constantly feels like I have nothing to wear, and to a certain extent, that is true. I never took the time to really build up my wardrobe, so the things I do own are rather fleeting. I buy 1 or 2 things and wear them to death until they are falling off of my body in shreds. So in an effort to make my wardrobe a little more solid and a little more grown up, I’ve compiled a little collage-type wishlist of what I think a good wardrobe should have!

Ghenet Actually || The Grown Up Girl's Wardrobe
Ghenet Actually || The Grown Up Girl's Wardrobe

Coats: I only have 2 coats and one jacket. I have a few blazers that I sometimes wear as coats in the warmer months, but they don’t really qualify. Having two or three versatile coats can go with anything, and carry you through all 4 seasons! I really want to invest in some good coats that I can wear all the time.

coats, clockwise from top: mango // mango // topshop // yumi // topshop // sugarhill boutique

tops: I especially love tops with fun patterns, and I’d really like to add some more to my rotation. They can be the focus of your outfit or complement other flashy pieces! Plus, with the right accessories, any top can be dressy or casual. It’s also good to have a few go to jumpers!

tops, clockwise from top: dorothy perkins // oliver bonas // topshop // yumi // joy the store // mod dolly // kling // sugarhill boutique

jeans and trousers: I currently own 2 pairs of jeans, and both of them have tears from the inner seam about halfway across the back. That’s not a good look, but I don’t have replacement jeans. I also have an obsession with printed trousers, so I want to build up in that area as well. My goal? 4 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of trousers. One for every day of the week! They can be dressed up or dressed down, no matter the occasion!

jeans + trousers, clockwise from top: topshop // next // american eagle // mango // oasis // new look // dorothy perkins // asos

Ghenet Actually || The Grown Up Girl's Wardrobe
Ghenet Actually || The Grown Up Girl's Wardrobe

Shoes: I’m especially bad at this one. I never have more than 3 pairs of shoes at a time, and depending on the time of year, will only wear 1 of them. I bought three pairs of shoes in November (hurray, Black Friday!) so now that I have more shoes to choose from, I find each of them has lasted longer because they’re getting an equal amount of wear. Once it gets warm, I need to make sure I invest in 4 or 5 pairs of casual shoes and really make them last.

shoes, clockwise from top: office // river island // mango // zara // boden // asos // dune // new look

Bags: I’ve got some cute little bags that I love to use, but they aren’t always the most practical. Ideally, it would be good to have a mix of cute, kitschy  bags, and some more structured ones for a simpler more practical look.

bags, clockwise for top: asos // topshop // skinnydip london // asos // cath kidston // shopbando // accessorize // monki

On top of those basic things I’ve discussed above, there are lots of pieces I’ve got my eye on this year! However, I feel like it’s pretty important to build up the basics so that I can take better care of my clothes, have more selection, and really feel like I’m dressing the way that I want to!

Do you have any wardrobe essentials that you swear by?

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