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A Simple Sunday #3 || A Little Reading List

September 3, 2017

Happy Sunday, lovely readers! I thought I’d share a bit of love for my fellow bloggers with this post, and talk about some of the posts I’m reading at the moment. Put the kettle on, lean back in bed and get ready to bookmark! I sometimes forget that I really enjoy reading blogs as much as I do writing one, especially when they’re personal stories that people are sharing. That’s why we read blogs, isn’t it? For that little bit of human connection, right?

It’s been a bit of an introspective few week for me, so I was really digging a few posts I spotted! I loved Elle’s post titled, ‘Trusting That Everything Happens For A Reason‘ about how things can happen in life that you don’t always expect. I love Elle’s instagram, and it was so refreshing to be able to get to know the girl in the photos, not to mention I’d like to now go frolicking through a wheatfield. BRB gonna put on my flowiest dress and go skipping through the countryside.

Following on from that, I loved my pal Michelle’s post about ‘that “being busy” norm‘ and the importance of working smart. Michelle and I have had some really lovely chats about life in the past, and reading her blog post, I found myself nodding along. It’s so true isn’t it? We get caught up in our work lives and sometimes forget to live! Speaking of work, Liv shared a really great post about work and ambition. I loved hearing her take on being successful (especially as I would consider her to be so!) and being true to what is right for you. We all feel the pressure for sure, so it was nice to read Liv’s take on it. She offers up a few other great reading bits as well!

Now that I’ve moved into the world of self-hosting, I’ve been trying to up my game and really be much more professional so I can take my blog to the next level. When Hannah Gale’s post about blogging mistakes she’s made in the past appeared in my inbox, I immediately gave it a read. I find it so helpful when bloggers share stuff like this, especially bloggers who’s content I love!

There are so many incredible blog posts out there and I like sharing the love! Have you read any really great blog posts lately? Share them in the comments!

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