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A Simple Sunday #4: 5 Good Things

September 24, 2017

Here we are again, another lovely Sunday for relaxing and enjoying life! I’m starting to enjoy theses posts, and I hope you are too! You might have noticed that I took a tiny little break last week, for reasons I’ll talk about below, but I’m back and feeling great! Life has been pretty great, and here are 5 good things that I’m excited about!

New Job, New Life

This is a big one! My work situation has been pretty all over the place the last 6 months or so, and I was constantly stressed about money, but luckily, I’ve recently started a new job! I still work within the same company as before, but now I work at one venue, and I finally have a set schedule and guaranteed hours, which is such a luxury! I’ve even gotten most of my evenings back, which is also an added bonus, because it has a major knock-on effect! I have more time to spend with P, I have time to actually cook, and I have dedicated time to actually work on my blog, instead of just trying to squeeze it in when I could! Things are definitely looking up!

Time with Old Friends

So I had a friend from my time in North Carolina here in London, and he ended up staying with me for a few days. You know when you see someone from a different time in your life, who you were close to, and it’s so nice to just catch up and reflect on life and the things that have changed! Living so far from home, I don’t often get to see many people from my former life, so it’s always nice when I do. I get a bit reflective and think how much I’ve grown and changed since then. I saw another old friend a bit earlier in the summer and it was a similar kind of feeling. Nostalgic and content!

That Visa Life

One of the more stressful aspects of moving to another country is having to deal with necessities like applying for visas and the like. Just because P’s put a ring on it, doesn’t mean I’m in the clear! If only it were that easy! I’ve just reapplied to extend my visa, and everything has been sent off. For the last 2 months though, I’ve been a skint stress-head! There’s a lot of meticulous elements to applying for the visa, and the fees you have to pay, so making sure I had everything was causing a lot of anxiety. Even now that it’s completely out of my hands and I know it’ll be fine, there’s that little voice in the back of my head asking ‘what if?’ All I can do now is wait for that letter to appear in the post!

Sweater Weather

I have seen so many insanely cute jumpers in Instagram and online that I am actually excited for cold weather! Who’da thunk? I hate being cold (especially in winter… autumn I love!) but with so many cute jumpers in my wardrobe (and my wardrobe wishlist…) I think it’s going to be a very cozy winter! Have you seen some of the really cute jumpers on offer at Next, & Other Stories, Mango and a few of the high street shops? They’re great!

Trying to Take Better Care of Myself

I’ve made a big decision recently and that is the fact that I’m going to start working out with a personal trainer. I’ve done this in he past, when I’ve had the money, but I’m hoping with my new job there will be a bit more regularity to it. I’ve gained some weight, especially since my jobs in the last few months have been ‘sitting at a desk’ kind of jobs. I’ve been trying to do 10,000 steps a day as well, which is harder than you think! Anyway, I’ve been half-heartedly getting to the gym, but I’m hoping working with a trainer over a more extended period of time will help me really stick with some physical activity! Plus, I always feel great after working out, it’s just getting in the habit and learning what works for me!

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