Book Club Reads #2

January 13, 2017

Before I’ve even finished all the books on my last book club post, I’ve got four new books on my plate. One of the things I’ve been saying for the last 4 months at least is that I want to read more and read more I shall! I had these books on my wishlist for a little while, and then wouldn’t you know it, they were given to me for Christmas! So now I’ve got lots to get through! It is fun though!

Spectacles by Sue Perkins
I’ve not read a massive amount of autobiographies, but after falling madly in love with The Great British Bake Off and, subsequently, Mel and Sue, I was eager to give this a read. Spectacles is what I fully expect it to be, a funny and moving memoir from a comedian who I have come to adore!

The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave
It’s perhaps a bit more young adult than I might have gone for, but the idea sounded really fascinating and my interest was piqued. The cover reminded me of other books I’d read, and enjoyed, so I thought I’d give this one a go aw well. The Girl of Ink and Stars tells the story of Isabella, who dreams of faraway lands even though she’s forbidden to leave her island. That all changes when her friend disappears, and Isabella decides to guide the search. I love adventure stories, so I’m pretty excited to give this one a read.

The Muse by Jessica Burton
The Muse tells the story of Odelle Bastien, who arrived in London from Trinidad five years ago and has struggled to find her place. Sound familiar? It did to me! That’s not all there is to the story of course as she gets a job in a gallery and they make discoveries about a lost masterpiece that is delivered to the gallery. There are so many elements that made me really curious to read this. That idea of the main character being something of an outsider, the fact that the story takes place in 1967 (I love a good period drama) and here in London where I currently live. The cover really caught my attention as well, and so I added it to my list!

According to Yes by Dawn French
Dawn French… A cultural icon I knew only vaguely before I moved to the UK, though I know recognize her to be a definitive cultural icon. I thought at first that this would be another memior, but upon discovery found that Dawn French is also a novelist and has published a number of books before. This one in particular involved Rosoe Kitto, who, fresh from a painful break-up has vowed to spend a year saying “Yes” to things. I expect, hilarity will ensue!

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