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Bullet Journalling 101: My Journey

September 16, 2016
Ghenet Actually || My Bullet Journal Journey

One of the things I’ve been wanting to work on for a little while now is my organization skills. I have a diary but sometimes it just falls by the wayside, which is a shame. I’ve been hearing so much about bullet journalling so I thought I would give it a go. One whole month of bullet journalling in an effort to be more organized, focus a bit more and be proactive!

Ghenet Actually || My Bullet Journal Journey
Ghenet Actually || My Bullet Journal Journey

Still not sure what bullet journalling is? I think it’s easier to actually do it than it is to explain it! I’m basically using mine as a catch all for important dates, ideas, weekly schedules and whatever else I feel the need for.

I’m a bit of a scatterbrain sometimes, so having everything all together in one notebook is so helpful for me, and means my bag is a little bit lighter!

Start by making an index page. This way, you can find everything you put into your bullet journal. Just jot down what it is, be it a calendar, a list, a schedule, whatever, and note the page numbers. Easy Peasy! From there, you can add what you need!

I started by creating a layout through December, so I could see the next 5 months at a glance. Then I break it down into months and weeks, like a planner. I’ve also added many lists, a few DIY project ideas, and important things I need to keep track of, like my monthly expenses. I’ve also been setting myself goals and weekly to do lists that are helping me be much more organized. Even so, it was a bit of an adjustment getting used to the system!

Week One

Right, so I’ve gone to Kikki K and bought myself some colorful pens, and then a nice new moleskin notebook. I’m really excited about trying all of this out. It’s a little overwhelming at first, but once I got started doing the index and future plan bits, it became something really soothing and great! I like penmanship and doodling, and there were apparently lots of things I needed to get down on paper, because at the end of week 1, I’ve already got 30 pages filled up. It feels totally awesome, but the real question is whether or not I can keep up with the momentum I’ve got and not overwhelm myself by doing too much.

Week Two

My goal for this week was to use what I’ve already got, and try not to add too much more at the moment. I’ve got many lists, and I fear it might be too much. Still, I’m finding it really easy to move stuff around, and tick things off my to-do list, which is a definite bonus!

Week Three

I’m completely and totally obsessed! I’ve now come to rely on my bullet journal and it gives me so much calm. In fact, I’ve even transferred all the things from my blogging notebook into this one because this is the only one I take with me everywhere! I’m enjoying making lists and little notes and weekly planning bits. I definitely feel more productive!

Week Four

I feel so organized! Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of using my bullet journal it’s basically become my life! I find myself writing more down, and actually accomplishing more of what I set out to do. Am I finishing every little bit that I put in? No, but that isn’t the point; it’s more that I’m actually utilizing it! Being able to migrate things is so nice, and means that even if I can’t do something there and then, it still will get done. I also find that by being able to use the journal for everything, I’m happily keeping my thoughts in one place and it makes it so much easier to really organize all my thoughts.

The verdict? Bullet Journalling might be the way forward for me. It’s concise and to the point, I’ve got lots of different things I’m working on and organizing it this way makes it manageable and isn’t overwhelming in any way. I take it everywhere with me and it’s so great!

I’ve still got my blogging notebook but I’m using that more for in depth planning,  as opposed to just general ideas. I don’t have to keep reminding myself to use it, it’s just become instinct, like it’s just an extension of this silly scatterbrain.

All in all, bullet journalling is definitely the right choice for me right now and I’m so happy I did it!

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