First Impressions: Noughty Haircare

April 20, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Noughty Haircare

When it comes to haircare, I’m always looking for new products to try. Given how my curls react to certain things, the products I use change pretty regularly. I was pretty curious to try out some of the products from Noughty after seeing them featured by a fave curly haired blogger, Shannon. I really like that the brand is natural, well 97% anyway, and the price is just right. As a result, I picked up a few things from Noughty Haircare and have been using them for the last few weeks! Now, I give you my first impressions!

Ghenet Actually || Noughty Haircare
Ghenet Actually || Noughty Haircare
Ghenet Actually || Noughty Haircare

Care Taker Scalp Soothing Shampoo:
I was definitely keen to give this a try. I really struggle with dry scalp, and most dandruff shampoos are way too harsh on my hair. It’s meant to add moisture, and help to sooth itchy scalp, which is a bonus! I used it as part of my usual wash routine once a week, and followed it with my apple cider vinegar rinse as usual. I did like the texture of theĀ  shampoo, and it smells really nice! Very coconut-y! It didn’t, however, do much to remove buildup on my scalp. It definitely soothed my dry scalp, but my hair never felt really clean. Nor did my scalp. After using this for a few weeks, I switched back to my old shampoo and noticed a huge difference, in terms of how clean my scalp was.

To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner:
Another big thing with curly hair is making sure it gets enough moisture, so when I’m trying new products, I always go for the version meant for dry hair. This conditioner definitely ticks all those boxes. It’s got coconut oil, shea butter and other bits in it that my hair really loves, so I thought I’d give it a go! Again, the texture was really nice, and it smells great! It made combing out my hair an absolute breeze, and my hair felt great after using it. I even left it in while I went to the gym a few times, and afterwards, my hair was extra soft! Where the shampoo may not have done it’s job, but the conditioner more than made up for it!

Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner:
I think of the three products I tried, this one was my favorite. I’m a sucker for a leave-in-conditioner, and my hair seems to really love this one. It compliments the conditioner really well, and definitely helps with frizz. I definitely went through this one faster than the others! The texture isn’t as soft as the conditioner, it’s more of a thick serum. I used it after washing my hair, as well as on the days I rinsed it in between wash days. It certainly worked well with my routine!

I would say overall, I’m intrigued by Noughty Haircare’s product range. Though the shampoo didn’t work so well for me, I’m keen to try a few of their other products. I’d like to try out their clarifying shampoo and their cleansing conditioner. The range of products Noughty Haircare offer as well seems to cover a lot of hair concerns. I’d certainly be curious if anyone else has tried out their products and what they thought!

Have you ever tried Noughty Haircare? What did you think?

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Ghenet Actually || Noughty Haircare

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