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Gingham Blues

August 12, 2016
I love a bit of gingham. I’m obsessed with it! While I love gingham in all it’s variations, blue gingham is my favorite. Maybe it reminds be of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or going on a little picnic, but either way, blue gingham takes the cake. When I saw this shirt, I knew I had to have it! Interestingly enough, both the shirt and jeans are plus-sized. There are some brands that run a bit small, or they don’t really go past a size 14. Sometimes those brands have a plus-sized option, and honestly, those clothes usually fit me better.

I’m a size 16 and proud. Most of the time it’s not a problem, but I’ve also got a bit of a booty, and I’m very busty as well. So, clothes and I sometimes have a love/hate relationship. I’m willing to try anything though! The dress I got to wear for my birthday (also blue gingham, incidentally!) came in just one size, but it was oversized enough to suit me!
I wouldn’t categorize myself as plus-sized, but the reality of the clothing industry and my body, is that clothes vary depending on who’s making them. My wardrobe is a range of sizes, and I’m perfectly happy with all of them! The main thing is that I’m comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing and in my body! Happily, I can say both of those are true!

what I wore: shirt, boohoo // jeans, mango // bag, asos // shoes, converse

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