My 5 favorite shops on Carnaby Street

October 25, 2016
Carnaby Street. One of my favorite places to shop! Not only do they have some really awesome shops, but the atmosphere is just so bubbly that it’s hard to resist a visit. Even when I’m not in a shopping mood, I’ll still take a stroll through the intertwining and colorful streets that make up Carnaby Street. Since all of us have recently had a pay day, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite shops in Carnaby Street, which, let’s be honest, I visit even when I don’t have the money to spend!

Shop: Dahlia

Dahlia is without a doubt my favorite store to visit. I love their style and I almost always fall in love with something in their shop. Did you see the dress I wore for my birthday? That was from Dahlia! Don’t be put off by the fact that some of their clothes are one size, or S/M – M/L… I was a bit unsure of it at first but after trying on a number of things I was convinced! Not everything will be a fit, but I can fit into plenty! Whimsical is the way I would describe Dahlia.

Shop: Monki

I’m obsessed with Monki. They’re really great for basics, like t-shirts, jeans and socks and things but it’s all with a twist! I love the fun patterns and their offerings never fail to impress and amuse. I’ve still not quite got a hang of their sizing, but I have no problem selecting different sizes and seeing what fits better. I usually have to do that no matter where I shop!
I’d be very surprised if you’ve not heard of this brilliant shop. It’s all about London but in a brand new way! Pop in for some great artwork, sassy af tea towels and any other stationary needs. I want to buy about a million things from this shop. The facade alone would call you inside but all of that is an added bonus!

shop: skinny dip

If you love quirky and cool bags like I do (hello, popcorn bag!) then Skinny Dip is the place for you. They’ve got all the things you never knew you needed! Bags shaped like seashells and cola cans, and other great and equally fun accessories. It’s over the top and sassy in the best possible way, in my opinion! I’ve got my eye on a few of their bags and a pair of their headphones at the moment!

Shop: Lazy Oaf

I absolutely adore Lazy Oaf. They are really great for statement things that will catch people’s attention to be sure. I’ve got a great dress from there that has clouds all over it. I very nearly bought a pink pinafore that had ears and a cat’s face on it as well (big boobs notwithstanding). They’re the kind of things that you look at and think, why has no one thought of this before?! I’ve definitely got my eye on some things at the moment, like this jacket, this dress and this shirt! So fun!

There you have it. My favorite Carnaby Street stops. Even without these shops, there are so many great things about Carnaby Street, Β that it’s worth a thorough wander. I find I’m more likely to go here than say, Oxford Street. It suits my style and quirkiness a bit more I think. Plus the vibe is always fun, and even when it’s crowded, it still feels chilled out. It’s possibly one of my most frequented spots in all of London. Can you blame me?

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  • Reply Dominika Karamanska October 29, 2016 at 8:15 am

    Love your photos in this post! Will definitely have to check out Dahlia and Monki, I've been wanting to get some good basics (that aren't too basic and plain)

    Dom |

  • Reply Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall October 29, 2016 at 8:17 am

    Thank you! Monki is great for basics! Try Pull & Bear as well. And Dahlia will always have a place in my heart! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading!

  • Reply Stripe Me Tender August 5, 2017 at 4:20 pm

    […] and you just think, YES I MUST OWN THIS? Yeah, me too, girl, me too. When I popped in to Dahlia (one of my fave shops on Carnaby Street!) and saw this striped beauty, I knew I was in love. Ordinarily, I struggle with button-down tops, […]

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