My Autumnal Bucket List

October 1, 2019

Autumn Leaves…

We’re a week into Autumn, and while the weather is behaving like it’s something else, I’ve definitely caught the autumnal fever! Suddenly, I’m obsessed with the turning leaves, pumpkin everything and check jackets. It’s hit me pretty hard! So I’m taking the opportunity to jot down a few things I’d like to do this season. I’m always sad at the end of summer, because it means Winter is just on the horizon. I really hate the winter and being cold, so I’m allowing myself to find a little joy in Autumn before I go into full hibernation mode!

My Autumnal Bucket List

1. Bake something with apples. Apple Crumble maybe?

2. Go for a walk through the park. I bet Richmond Park or Kew Gardens is gorgeous this time of year!

3. Make s’mores! I meant to do this this summer, but it’s not too late! They’re pretty warm and cozy!

4. Top up my candle collection, for all the hygge vibes.

5. Buy some pumpkins! Mainly for decoration, but they look so good!

6. Have a cozy afternoon on the couch, watching movies that have great autumn vibes. You’ve Got Mail, perhaps? Or Practical MagicHocus Pocus?

7. Take pictures of some classic autumnal spots, like Kynance Mews, or this house in Hampstead

8. Go through my wardrobe and see if there’s anything that needs adding, like cozy jumpers or cute chelsea boots!

9. Scope out some good places in London to get a hot chocolate!

10. Go for a pub lunch somewhere with a fireplace, and have sticky toffee pudding for dessert!

It’s funny isn’t it… The seasons change, and suddenly you have different interests, different ideas, difference moods… I love the summer, but Autumn to me is just one word: hygge. I’m obsessed (which I’ve talked about before!) and it really helps me make the most of the season!

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

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