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6 of My Favorite Instagrammers to Follow

July 30, 2016
Ghenet Actually || 5 Favorite Instagrammers

I love Instagram. It’s the form of social media that I use the most, and I absolutely love finding new people to follow! Sometimes I just scroll through feeds and hashtags looking for images that really call out to me. I have a whole process for how I share photos (more on that later!) but I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite Instagrammers and the feeds I’m currently in love with!


Joy the Baker is perhaps one of my absolute favorite food blogger/instagrammers. I have one of her cookbooks, which I use a lot, and I’m always on her site looking for recipes. Her instagram feed is totally great because she takes incredible photos and it usually sends me off looking for more recipes! I love how she varies backgrounds and the props in each photo as well. Not going to lie, my recipe photos kind of aspire to be like Joy’s! They’re stunning!


If there is anyone who has taught me the art of a great Instagram feed, it’s definitely Carrie, of WishWishWish! When it comes to great instagrammers, Carrie comes out tops. The gorgeous flatlays, the stylish outfits, the gorgeous selfies that don’t seem like selfies… Her feed has it all! I love the colors, and how all of her photos have the same aesthetic. Plus, all of her photos from her travels give me serious wanderlust! If you don’t follow Carrie on Instagram, you need to. Right now!


I’d seen Ella mentioned on various feeds of a few friends, so I thought I’d have a little look at her feed! I’ve completely fallen in love. Ella posts a lot of photos of her artwork, which is stunning (and  some of which I have hanging behind by bedside table!) and I love catching glimpses of her work. Aside from that, Ella shares some really stunning photos and I dream of being able to take a selfie as well as her. Don’t believe me? Have a look! Ella and her artwork are absolutely gorgeous.


Someone asked me once how I find some of the places where I shoot posts and Instagram photos, and the honest answer is that a few of those places I’ve found on Poppy’s feed. I love her gorgeous photos of little spots all over London, and so often see them and go, “I must go there!” It’s been a great way to fall in love with London and is such great inspiration too!


Do you ever see a photo of someone and thing, “Oh man, I would love to hang out with them!” No? Just me? Well, I definitely feel that about Courtney’s photos. Not only are they colorful and fun, but she is a New York based blogger, and looking at her photos definitely makes me fall in love with New York all over again! Her style is so sweet and her photos have so much personality that I want to actually be her friend. Is that weird? Probably, but can you blame me?


I started following Nancy after she emailed me a few months ago, to invite me to an open weekend at the Artist’s Studio where she worked. I didn’t actually get to meet her, but I fell in love with her makeup bags and notebooks that she had on display. They were so fun, and her Instagram feed is no different! A great display of her own artwork, as well as great style, and life snapshots, Nancy’s color palette is a pastel dream!

What do you guys think? How great are these Instagrammers? Do you guys have any favorites? I’d love to hear about them!

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