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My Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

February 9, 2017
Ghenet Actually || Spring Wishlist

We’ve had some mild weather the last few days and all I can think about is that mild weather must mean that spring is on the horizon. You know what that means, right? A new wardrobe! Once the warm weather breaks out, I suddenly find myself craving pastels and florals. I can hear your best Miranda Priestley impression already… “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking…” The honest truth is that my wardrobe challenge has taught me a little something… it’s time I really start investing in a wardrobe that I love with pieces that will last!

Flowy Trousers – I’m having something of a trouser awakening lately. We’ve all got those really niggly body hang-ups and trousers were mine. I thought for many years that skinny jeans were my only option, that wide legged jeans would make me look even bigger and other silly things that are in fact completely false. I’m actually really keen on trousers with fun patterns and when I saw these babes, all floral, flowy and wide-legged, I knew I had to have them in my wardrobe!

Tea Dresses – I don’t know why but I find tea dresses to be adorable and oh so flattering! Plus, it’s such a classy look and so easy to dress up or dress down. I love a good dress, but it’s got to tick a lot of boxes. Ever since I bought that polka dot number from the Archive by Alexa line from M&S last year, I definitely find myself drawn to classic styles of dresses, in fun colors and great patterns.

Trainers – nothing, no amount of high heeled shoes and adorable ankle boots, will ever fully drive me away from my love of wearing trainers. I’m still a tomboy at heart, and trainers are my way of showing that. When I was a teenager, I wore a lot of Nike High Top Basketball shoes but these days, I prefer a bit sleeker and not as chunky. And gold? Who wouldn’t love gold!

Knitwear – I’ve developed a serious addiction to knitwear in the last two years. There is something totally cozy about slipping on a jumper, especially one in such a great color! I’m a bit fan of pastels, and this lilac shade is perfect! Plus, with the attached blouse piece, it dresses it up a little bit more. In fact, I’m a fan of the whole look, really!

Floral Dress – I find dark florals really sexy. It makes the colors really pop, I think, and it feels a bit more grown-up. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy light florals but this dress I’m totally lusting after! The high neck is really nice (yet another trend I suspected for ages would be off limits to me, given my rather large breasts) and the frill on the shoulders adds a little something too!

Shoes – My other favorite kind of shoe, next to trainers. I’m not a fan of open toed shoes (I’m weirdly self-conscious about my toes…eep!) but these are so versatile! I’ve for a few lace up pairs of flats I wear in the warmer months, but I love a good T strap just as much! Plus, I mean, the color is gorgeous and I feel like it would complement my skin tone really well!

Jumpsuit – Would you believe I never would have worn a jumpsuit a few years ago? These days though, I’m much more inclined to give one a go. This one looks so cozy, and I love the pattern! I never got much into the pyjama top trend but this jumpsuit might be the exception. It does give off that vibe, which actually makes me want it even more!

Watch – I have been wanting an Olivia Burton watch for absolutely ages. Probably as long as I’ve wanted a Cambridge Satchel Co bag, which I’ve just treated myself to in a similar shade of pink. Again, I’m all about the pastels this time of year… and actually all year really. There’s something so grown-up and ladylike about having a watch on. I’d love this one, and then a gold chain watch as well!

Blouse – I popped into Zara a few days ago and the second I spied this button-down, I knew I had to have it. It’s got ladybugs on it! I love loud and fun pieces, but I think having some great basics that are subtly quirky is just as good. I could dress this up or down and I can already think of about 4 or 5 pieces I’ve already got in my wardrobe that I can pair this babe with!

Earrings – I’m coming to the stage in my life where I want to invest in some good jewelry, and get rid of some of the cheap and rusty stuff I’ve got. I had a major clear out last year and got rid of a ton of jewelry that I never wore or were doing that thing where they turn green and stuff. Amongst them was a pair of bee earrings that I completely adored and I’ve been looking to replace them ever since. Naturally, when I saw these beauties in Anthropologie I knew I had to have them!

Backpack – I love a good cross-body bag, but I do sometimes feel that backpacks are a bit more realistic for my lifestyle. As long as I can fit my camera in it, then it’ll be a win from me! I’ve got a great Betsey Johnson backpack that I use on a near daily basis, but it’s starting to wear a bit, so I need to get some other great backs to use! Why not start here?

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