Ghenet Actually || Miki's Paradise
London London Eats

London Eats: Miki’s Paradise

Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself, and boy did I ever, when I stopped to check out Miki’s Paradise a few weeks ago! After shooting with Kaye, we decided to be a bit social and try out one of the freakshakes that Miki’s…

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June 5, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Summery Mint Lemonade

Recipe: Summery Mint Lemonade

When it comes to summer refreshment, nothing says chilling out like a glass of ice cold lemonade! Perhaps it’s still the American in me, but I love making lemonade! It’s so easy to do (and yes, before anyone asks, I did make lemonade and…

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June 1, 2018

4 Good Things in May

Another month has come and gone! Sometimes they just disappear don’t they? Still sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and remember some of the good things in May. It has been a genuinely great month, and I’d say things are on the…

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May 29, 2018
Ghenet Actually || My Mental Health Journey

Real Talk: My Mental Health Journey

Last week was Mental Health Awareness week, and it was really nice to see people talking about it. Mental health is something that I struggle with, and to be honest, it’s so helpful to talk about. I’m only human, after all, and everyone struggles…

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May 22, 2018