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Sparkles and Stripes

November 17, 2016

When it comes to my cold weather wardrobe, I’ve been in the habit of diverting to dark colors. Blacks, greys, and not too much else. I’ve been determined this time around to make sure I keep a little bit of color in my wardrobe, starting with this fabulous jumper from the Gap, in all it’s sparkly glory! Not only is it wonderfully colorful, it’s rather festive as well. Perfect for this time of year!

The weather has been incredibly changeable lately… one day it’s cold, and the next it’s rainy, and the next it’s mild and sunny! It makes it a bit confusing getting dressed in the morning! Plus, if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t quite wrapped my heart around temperature in Celsius… I get that it’s 12°C but I don’t really understand what that feels like. Does that make any sense, at all? Still, I’m finding solace in my jumpers, and as they say, if it ain’t broke… buy a few more!

 Jumper, The Gap // Skirt, Asos // Shoes, Office (similar) // Bag, Boden via The Blogger’s Market

My style has changed loads since I’ve moved to the UK, and the tights and boots look is definitively one of my favorites. I never used to do this! I see women all over London pairing cute dresses with black tights and shoes. It’s kind of a staple, isn’t it?  Another one I love? Jumpers and collared shirts (and also the fact that I call them jumpers now…).

What are some of your cold weather style secrets?

Photos by Kristabel

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