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October 3, 2016
I love that transitional period between Summer and Autumn. Autumn. Autumn. See! I’m getting used to calling it that instead of calling it Fall! Anyway, I digress. That transitional period, where it’s still a little warm, but that crisp breeze is starting to build and the evenings get cooler. It’s a quick transition, but it’s lovely.

We’re officially in Autumn now though, and if you see me with my legs out, there’s a 200% chance I’m wearing nude tights. It’s a bit too chilly now for bare skin. This outfit was definitely my last attempt at it! In fact, the morning was lovely and I was so comfortable, but as we day went on it got chillier and chillier, and I had to change into jeans because I couldn’t bare it! Still, I’m totally in love with this jumper and the skirt will go perfectly with black tights and boots, won’t it?
That transitional period also means that the days are getting shorter. I’ve woken up to some beautiful sunrises the last few weeks and it’s nice! It feels like you really have to make the most of the daylight hours. Either that, or hibernate, and spend days keeping warm in the flat, making soup and baking cookies! I’m partial to both if I’m being honest!

what I wore: jumper, sugarhill boutique // skirt, dorothy perkins // shoes, new look // bag, river island

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