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April 25, 2017

Let’s play a game called how to keep up your blog when your laptop has died. You read that right. My hard drive has crashed and at the moment I can’t afford to fix it, nor can I afford to buy a new laptop… the struggle is very real right now… I feel a little useless but I’m trying to keep the momentum going! I’ve got lots of exciting posts planned, so I’m certainly going to do my best! Anyway, shall I get on to the post then? I wanted to talk a bit about mixing patterns and why it’s just the best!

You know that feeling when you put on a shirt and you just think, YES I MUST OWN THIS? Yeah, me too, girl, me too. When I popped in to Dahlia (one of my fave shops on Carnaby Street!) and saw this striped beauty, I knew I was in love. Ordinarily, I struggle with button-down tops, being the bodacious bosomy lady that I am, and even though this one didn’t fit perfectly, I knew I’d be walking out of the shop with it! Stripes are one of my favorites! I have several striped tops that I wear all the time. My number one reason? Because they mix so well with other patterns!

Personal favourite pattern to mix and match? Leopard and stripes. I wear some variation of this at least twice a week. It’s usually stripe top, favorite Asos jeans and leopard shoes. This is the first time I’ve tried it with such a pretty blouse I’m in love! The blue and white are perfectly balanced, and I love the shape of it, especially the frilly bottom! Stripes and floral are pretty cute together as well! Throw some gingham in there and I’m in heaven! I mix and match patterns so much it’s almost become second nature!
Are you a big fan of mixing patterns? What’s your favorite combination to wear, or your go to pattern?

Photos by the total rockstar that is Kristabel!

shirt – c/o Dahlia // jeans – Asos (similar) // shoes – Office // jacket – zara (similar)

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