Sunday Musings || Finding A Work-Life Balance

September 25, 2016
Finding a good work life balance is something that is really important to me at the moment. I’ve been pretty terrible in the past and worked myself to exhaustion, but lately I feel like I’m not really taking care of myself if I don’t find that balance.  Before I moved to London, I had 4 part-time jobs and I never took any vacation days or sick days because I couldn’t afford it ( I didn’t get paid vacation or sick days back then…). When I moved, I was unemployed for 5 months, during what I like to refer to as the dark ages. When I did start working, I never took time off because I was just so excited to have something to do! These days, though, I’m trying to find that work/life balance, and here are a few of the things I’m doing!

Bedroom Technology Ban:
I am so bad at this! The bedroom should be for sleeping and sex. I’ve started really making an effort to leave my phone in the kitchen when I’m getting ready for bed. Then I can focus on my husband, who I never really get to see, except when we’re getting ready for bed. Sometimes I fail miserably and am glued to my phone until my eyes shut, but I’m definitely trying! I’ve actually found that on the nights when I chat to P or read a bit instead of looking at my phone, I sleep much better!
Saying Yes to Nights Off
This one took me a little bit of time to work out. I work a lot of evenings, and the first time I was sick enough to have to call out of work (and even then, I was sent home for being ill, and told not to come in the next day…) I realized that it’s actually nice to have an evening off. I’m not used to thinking this way, after so many years of denying myself the pleasure. So I now try to book days off just for my mental health or to do something I enjoy! I’d rather take the financial hit, if a night off is going to add to my happiness!
Weekly Planning
Now that I’ve started bullet journaling, I’m so much more aware of how much I’m working and how much I’m doing for pleasure. It’s strange, isn’t it? This past week, I worked 7 extra hours at my job, as well as doing about 8 hours of tasking, when I’d normally be out exploring, or home writing. So I’m trying to plan a few social things to balance it out. I’m getting my hair cut. I’m doing a personal training session. I’m catching up with a friend. Being able to map it out means I’m actively finding that balance between work and life!
Use My Time Wisely
What’s the point of having time off from work if I’m  not going to use it well? Or why was the day doing nothing when I have to be at work later? Every once in a while, it is fine to have a lazy day, but I also think it’s important to do something good. I may spend an extra hour in bed, but if I’m reading a good book, that’s kind of like feeding my soul. The days when I sit on the couch in my pajamas watching movies and not really being productive or creative are probably the days I feel the worst about myself. So I want to make sure I’m using the time I do have in a way that is beneficial to me.
It’s definitely a learning process, and the hours I work do make things a bit difficult, (I work in the evenings) but it’s still important that I make the effort!

What are some things you do to make sure you have a good work/life balance?

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    I like planning and crafting in my planner!

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