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August 23, 2015

I first heard about The Bloggers Market through two blogs I’ve followed for a few years now, What Olivia Did and WishWishWish. It was shortly after my move to the UK, so it was a good excuse for me to get out of the house and go exploring. I made my way to Camden, where the Market was being held, and indulged in a little retail therapy, chatting with Olivia, Carrie and some of the other bloggers. Naturally, when I heard it was happening again, I was pretty excited!

Ghenet Actually || The Blogger's Market Ghenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketGhenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketGhenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketThe Bloggers Market this time around took place in Holborn at the Hoxton Hotel. The Lovely Ladies were certainly on top form too! Kristabel from I Want You To Know, Carrie from WishWishWish, Olivia from What Olivia Did, Lucy from Shiny Thoughts and Dunya from Dearest Deer had some wonderful things on display. They also had some lovely treats in store for everyone including hair styling by Joël Benjamin from Hair by Joël and little 5 minute sketches by Emma Block

Ghenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketGhenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketLast time, I didn’t really indulge as much, and sadly didn’t get my hair done or my makeup, even though I did buy a few things. This time around, I could only go for the first two hours, so I did my best to make the most of it! I stopped by Joël’s area and he did a really cool headband braid, which I suspect I might have to teach myself to do as it looks super cute! I also had a little stop by the Benefit Make Up kiosk, and was shown some cute lip stains. And, perhaps my favorite part of the morning, was having my sketch done by the wonderful Emma Block, who was doing sweet little sketches of everyone. The Krispy Kreme donuts didn’t hurt either!
Ghenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketGhenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketGhenet Actually || The Blogger's MarketI ended up with a few little goodies, including two adorable new bags (the ice cream bag from WishWishWish and the suitcase bag from Shiny Thoughts) and some pretty sweet sunnies from What Olivia Did. I also couldn’t help but get a brownie from Olivia and boy was it tasty! I would say, all in all, a very lovely morning! I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait for the next Blogger’s Market!

What about you guys? Did you snap up some goodies from The Bloggers Market?

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