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The Cozy Jumpers I’ve Currently Got My Eye On

November 3, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On

One of my favorite things about this cold weather is that it’s officially acceptable to dust off my cozy jumpers. It’s already begun and honestly, it’s the only reason I tolerate cool weather and haven’t moved somewhere where it’s permanently 30 degrees. I love cozy jumpers! Not gonna lie, it still feels weird calling them jumpers (in the States, they’re sweaters and jumpers are pinafores…). Still, I’ve dusted off all my cozy jumpers for Autumn (or whatever this cold weather is!) and I’ve also got my eye on a few new ones! 

Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On
Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On
Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On
Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On
Ghenet Actually || Cozy Jumpers I've Got My Eye On

Now when it comes to jumpers for autumn, I’ve found that there are a number of styles that I gravitate toward. I think that’s the case for everyone, but I find that I fall in love with different versions of a jumper and I can’t help it!

Stripes: I love stripes on a normal day, but the second that weather turns, I’m digging autumnal colors in my jumpers. I don’t know what it is! Lately, I’ve also been digging a kind of 70s vibe, and the two go hand in hand!

Cable Knits: Other styles I’m addicted to when it comes to jumpers for Autumn? Cable knits. I love how they look, I love how cozy they are, and I love that no two are the same! This goes for jumpers AND cardigans (which I need to stock up on too…)

Roll necks: I’m really feeling jumpers with a bit of a roll-neck at the moment. Maybe all those viewings of Love Actually are rubbing off on me? Big roll necks, small ones, mock roll necks (it’s a thing, I promise…), I’m 100% here for it.

More specifically, there are a number of jumpers that I have my eye on, and I’m totally itching to snap up! What do you think?

Jumpers for Autumn!

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    November 6, 2018 at 3:30 am

    This is timely I actually bought two sweaters yesterday day in a fit of daylight savings insomnia! It’s November but we’re still in the balmy 70’s, boo! I love me a fair isle and a preppy striped look. Do you ever just want to be aggressively American and just say sweaters? I think I would struggle not to be stubborn just for the bants. 😉

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      November 8, 2018 at 9:03 am

      Haha, sometimes I do want to call it a sweater. Sometimes I do, but jumper doesn’t feel quite so foreign now! It’s definitely a vibe I’m digging! Mainly the coziness factor!

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