Tips For A DIY Bride

October 31, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to be crafty. I get such a kick out of it, so it wasn’t really a question of if I would DIY decorations for our wedding, but rather what I would DIY. It’s definitely becoming more and more of a trend. I was reading lots of wedding blogs, and so many of them featured DIY weddings. That’s the cool thing about it; no two DIY weddings are the same. If you’re thinking of doing a little bit of DIY, I thought I’d share some tips with you about how I managed everything without losing my head!

So what exactly did I DIY? If I’m being honest, basically everything. I know what you’re thinking: why would you do that! Well, I wanted to create a day that was really representative of me and P, and the easiest way to do that was to DIY. I designed our stationary, baked everything for our dessert table, put together our seating chart, did a bit of paper maiche’ing, and even handmade ties for P and his groomsmen! It was a lot to take on, but I kept a few things in my mind as I made it through all of my projects.

Know Your Strengths

If you’re planning on doing some DIY for your wedding decorations, regardless of whether or not you’re crafty, it’s really important to know things you’re good at. I really like taking old things and making something new from them. I upcycled a wood pallet and an old children’s drawing board, as well as painting some picture frames. I also like sewing, so making matching ties for P and his groomsmen wasn’t too much of a stretch. If you have friends helping you with your DIY, make sure you know what they’re good at too!

Keep It Simple

We lucked out with our venue, which had a lot of natural ambience and beauty, so we didn’t need a ton of decoration. So, I focused on 2 main areas: table decor, and small decorative details. Not having a million things on my list definitely made a difference. I decided that all the place settings would double as bags for the dessert tables. I designed a label, printed them and stuck them onto some paper bags. Job done in about 20 minutes! The more simple the decorations are, the easier and faster they will be to complete. Don’t forget that simple to make doesn’t always equate to looking cheap!

Utilize What’s Around You

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started a DIY project and ended up buying something I didn’t need. In the case of weddings, I think a lot of people do DIY to save money. You can’t save money if you don’t plan accordingly and buy things you don’t need! Look at what’s around you first before you head to the store! I was able to take home lots of spirits and wine bottles from my job. I took off the labels, wrapped some twine around the tops and voilà! Vases for our flowers! I got the wood pallet and some picture frames from Freecycle, which cost me nothing! Talk to friends to see if they have something you can use, look at Freecycle or Craigslist, or peek into a charity shop and see if you can find good bargains!

Give Yourself Time

Don’t wait to do all your DIY projects the week before! Space it out, get some stuff done early, and tick it off the list! That way, you’ve got ample time to really figure out what you want to do, and if something doesn’t quite work out the way you’d like, you still have time to fix it! I started collecting everything I needed several months in advance. They did sit there untouched for a little while, but I was able to work out very quickly which things would be doable and which things were unrealistic. It took me about two months to do everything, but I was taking my time and focusing on one project at a time.

Make Sure It’s Worth The Effort

Because I had designed all of our stationary, I thought it would be better to have them printed instead of doing it myself. I did that with the Save-the-Dates, but they didn’t come out the way I wanted. I decided to just go ahead and print the invites myself, so I could make sure they came out the way I wanted. The bonus? The invites cost less than half what the save-the-dates did because I did them myself. The same goes for the ties I made. Even though it took much more work to make 5 matching ties, I was able to make each one personal, and the guys really liked them. It was much more special than just buying some ties, and that to me was worth it.

Know When To Delegate

I think this is the most important thing to keep in mind when DIYing your wedding. Know when to just let the professionals handle it. I really wanted to do my own bouquet and boutonnieres, but that just isn’t a skill that I have. Not even remotely. In the end, I found The Homegrown Flower Company, who did our bouquets and boutonnieres, but also gave us big buckets of stems so that I could DIY the rest of the flowers. I just added a few stems to each bottle I’d collected, and that was that. Easy peasy!

I had so much fun with all my crafty projects for the wedding, and I definitely think all brides should give it a go. At the end of the day though, it’s more important that you have a great time with the person you love.

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