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Upcycling Our Coffee Table

March 16, 2019
Ghenet Actually || Upcycling Our Coffee Table

Our home has been a long time in the making. It’s been a real bee in my bonnet recently, especially where this coffee table was concerned… I bought it from BHF way back in 2015, as a filler piece, because we needed some furniture. It suited our needs at the time! These days though, it’s looking a little worse for wear. I thought about getting rid of it, but then I thought, why not try upcycling it instead? It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a lick of paint, isn’t it?

Ghenet Actually || Upcycling Our Coffee Table
Ghenet Actually || Upcycling Our Coffee Table
Ghenet Actually || Upcycling Our Coffee Table
Ghenet Actually || Upcycling Our Coffee Table

I did quite a bit of DIY in the early days of furnishing our home. There’s something nice about the idea of taking something and giving it a new life. Especially when money was tight, buying second hand furniture and painting it was a great option! I got a few pointers from Lins this time around, which definitely helped!

What I Used:

Home of Color Primer & Undercoat in White
Rustoleum Chalk Paint in White
Painter’s Tape
Farrow and Ball Chalk Paint in Calamine
Sealant Spray in Clear
Regency Handles from Anthropologie
Oliver Bonas Gift Wrap
Wallpaper Glue
Sandpaper in 120 grit and 240 grit

The coffee table is made from manufactured wood, so we’ve ended up with some scrapes and rings on top… Monica Gellar would not be happy about that one!

Remember when it looked like this? And this?

I figured the best option would be to paint the whole thing a new color!

Since this area of our flat can get a little bit dark, I decided on white. I figured that it would reflect more light and lift the area a little bit! I also decided that I’d add a little bit of pink on the legs, just to add some color!

First things first, I removed the hardware from the drawers (as well as emptying and cleaning them out) and filled in the holes. Then, I lightly sanded everything down with the 120 grit sandpaper. It’s basically just so that the primer has a bit more to stick to!

Once that bit was done, I painted every surface with a coat of the primer, even the bottom!

Then I did two coats of the chalk paint, sanding with the 240 grit sandpaper in between, and topped it off with a few coats of the sealant, just to give it a little extra protection!

The drawers of the table have always been great for storage, but I wanted to jazz them up a bit (and Marie Kondo the crap out of them)!

Oliver Bonas has some great wrapping paper, so I picked up a sheet of it to line the bottom of the drawers. I also bought some new handles from Anthropologie, to add a little more flair! Once all the paint was dry, I was able to measure out and drill the holes for the new handles.

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint, eh?

It looks like a whole new table!

We may not keep it forever, but it’s nice to try upcycling something first! Buying a new coffee table felt a little unnecessary, especially as there are other purchases that we wanted to prioritize!

This one was very practical, it just didn’t look very nice!

Now that I’ve given it a face lift, the corner of our flat where it sits is a little bit brighter and looks much tidier too!

Now to style it! BRB just gonna go look at my Pinterest board for inspiration to style it!

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