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Wear My Wardrobe Challenge #2

January 19, 2017

Here we are in Week #2 of my “Wear My Wardrobe” challenge! I have to say, I am having so much fun falling back in love with the clothes in my wardrobe, and I’m definitely trying to think outside the box a little bit. I find myself, more and more, thinking, “why don’t I wear this more?” and then I try it on and remember some tiny little thing that is so fixable! I’ve got 6 more outfits I’ve planned and honestly, I feel like I’m discovering more of my own personal style, which feels so good!

Hanging Out with Lami

Who said summer dresses could only be worn in the summer? You might remember this dress from my instagram in August, after I wore it on my birthday. I fell in love with it almost straight away but wasn’t sure about how to wear it at any other time of the year. Then it hit me… just put a roll neck on underneath it! Add some leopard print (of course) and some bright shoes and you’ve got yourself an outfit! I will admit that I felt a little bit silly in my get-up as my friend Lami and I wandered around what I think is considered Belgravia on Wednesday morning… but then I just embraced it. Then we wandered down a little mews and discovered this adorable pink house. I love pastel houses even more than I love mews!

what I wore: dress, dahlia // roll neck, monki // cardigan (under roll neck), h&m // bag, asos // shoes, aldo

Meetings with Milli

I took this outfit for a little spin on possibly the coldest day of the week. It was snowing in the morning, I had two pairs of tights on but I was determined to get a snap of it. Of course, my camera was acting up, so Milli very kindly took these using her own camera. We had fortified ourselves with hot chocolate before heading outside (though by the time we took a good instagram photo, they were more lukewarm then hot…#bloggerproblems) but it was still freezing! This top I bought from Zara ages ago, but I’ve only worn it one other time, though I do love it. It’s one that I have to tuck in or I feel like I look too top-heavy. Just my self-consciousness rearing it’s ugly head, but I did make the effort to include this top in my challenge roster for that very reason!

what I wore: top, zara // skirt, new look // shoes, pull & bear


Coffee with Kristabel

Starting your day with a nice coffee catch-up is always the way to go. My work schedule means that i don’t really have much of a weekend, but I was so glad that Kristabel and I were able to meet up! I went a bit more casual in these amazing dungarees, and a top I bought ages ago but yet again never wore. What is up with that? I’m discovering that actually, I have a lot of clothes, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my outfit pairings, which makes me think I’m just being a bit silly when I say I’ve got nothing to wear! We did manage to snap a few photos despite the rain that was falling as well as having a really nice conversation, and, of course, more hot chocolate…

what I wore: cardigan, h&m // dungarees, asos // top, yumi // shoes, keds

Still two more weeks to go and I kind of feel like I’ve not even scratched the surface yet!

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