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November 29, 2016

I’m addicted to Netflix. I mean, who isn’t these days, really? It’s the perfect way to chill out, to indulge in a few hours of binge watching. There is so much to watch sometimes its a little overwhelming & my watch list is jam-packed with options! It’s totally great! I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of what I’m watching at the moment!

TV Shows:

Black Mirror – I watched the first two seasons of Black Mirror well over a year ago, and now that the new season is upon us, I’ve been revisiting this great show! If you’ve not watched it before, Black Mirror tells not one story, but individual little stories. Well, they’re more think pieces than stories. Set in some nondescript, future world that isn’t that far away, each episode has an element of suspense, and once you figure it out, it’ll definitely make you think.

The Crown – I’m obsessed with the Royal Family. Well, fascinated by them! I think maybe I find it all a bit romantic. So I’ve found films and TV shows about he royal family interesting to watch and The Crown is no exception. It isn’t afraid to shy away from perhaps the more controversial parts as well as the romantic and glamorous parts, which in turn makes it feel very real. Plus the costumes and locations are stunning! I’ve actually been to the building that stands in for Buckingham Palace, and it’s a magnificent work of art!

Gilmore Girls – When I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV, but when my parents weren’t around, I would always have it on. Gilmore Girls was one of the things I would watch, though I’ve never seen every single episode. When I heard not only that they were putting it all on Netflix, but filming a new season as well, I thought it might be time to revisit Stars Hollow, from the beginning! Hanging out with Lorelai and Rory is like hanging out with old friends… old friends who talk insanely fast and drink insane amounts of coffee!

Stranger Things – I loved it so much, I’m seriously considering watching it again! I wasn’t too sure about Stranger Things at first, because I thought it might be scary, and I don’t do well with scary things… but those little kids won me over and P and I powered through it. It’s brilliant! Lots of strong 80’s influences, funny and well written, I finished the season thinking I had so many questions still, but excited for more! Good thing they’re doing a second season of it, then!


Brooklyn – What a stunning film. If you’ve not watched it, you should definitely add it to your list! Saoirse Ronan absolutely shines as a Irish immigrant who arrives in New York in the 1950s, leaving behind everything she knows, and finding herself along the way. It was written by Nick Hornby (About a Boy, A Long Way Down, High Fidelity… to name a few) so yo know the writing is good! It’s a beautiful love story not just of a boy and a girl, but of a girl and her country as well.

Still Alice – This has been on my watchlist since I first saw it on Netflix, though I haven’t gotten around to watching it just yet. I love Julianne Moore, and the subject matter is a little close to my heart. Julianne Moore plays a linguistics professor who is diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrible disease, that takes away the very basis of who you are and the most precious moments in your life. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, so it’ll definitely be a sensitive watch.

Fundamentals of Caring – I love a good “coming of age” story, plus I’m a big fan of Craig Roberts and his very dry sense of humor. Paul Rudd only helped the cause. Fundamentals of Caring is a sweet film with lots of funny and hearfelt moments. Without giving too much of it away, Paul Rudd plays Ben, who, still coping with a loss, becomes the carer of Trevor, an 18 year old with Muscular Dystrophy, played by Craig Roberts. It’s a lovely little film and I would definitely recommend it!

Belle – I have lost count of the number of times I’ve watched this film. I went to see it at my favorite cinema a few years ago, and loved it so much I took my mom to see it as well. Then I rented it on Amazon, and now I’ve watched it on Netflix at least 10 times. I love a good period drama, and this one speaks to me particularly. Belle tells the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the daughter of a slave and a British Naval officer. Her father claimed her and took her to live with his uncle, the Earl of Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice. Though she was mixed race, she was raised as a gentlewomen, and regularly struggles with where she is meant to fit in with society. I found the film completely fascinating and it’s one of my go-to’s time and time again!


Planet Earth – Prior to my living in the UK, I didn’t really know who David Attenborough was. What a blasphemous thing to say! These days I’m well educated, and my favorite way to chill out is to pop on a nature documentary while I lounge on the couch with a cup of tea. There’s something so soothing about it all. Like sitting with your granddad while he tells you incredible things about the planet.

13th – This was a difficult but necessary watch. It’s a documentary about the loophole in the 13th amendment, and what amounts to modern day slavery through mass incarceration. It’s uncomfortable, poignant, informative and I would certainly recommend it. Particularly with some of the things happening in the US right now, it’s important to be informed. 13th is definitely one to add to the list if you’re looking to educate yourself some more about a difficult topic.

Iris – When I grow up, I want to be Iris Apfel. If you don’t know who Iris is, well, allow me to introduce you to her! Iris is a 95 year old fashion icon, living on Park Avenue, who has been collecting clothing and accessories from all over the world for easily 60+ years. If you saw her photo, you’d probably recognize her. Iris is a documentary about her life. Watch it on Netflix and then follow her on Instagram for some real fantastic sartorial inspiration!

There you have it, my current watches on Netflix. Have you spotted anything good on Netflix to recommend? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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