8 Unmissable Food Experiences in NYC

January 10, 2017
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC

I love food, and New York has some really great options to choose from! When I moved to London, I found that what I missed most was the places I used to eat! This visit was the perfect opportunity to revisit those places as well as discover some new ones! When Liv and Carrie were planning trips to New York a few months ago, they asked me for a few tips,  which I was more than happy to provide, and I admit, I’ve borrowed some of their suggestions as well! There are so many great food options in New York, you should definitely make sure you pack a hearty appetite!

Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC

Egg Shop

Spotted on Carrie’s blog, as well as on a Refinery29 list of best brunches in NYC. Being someone who basically lives off of eggs, I couldn’t resist stopping by this tiny joint in Nolita. It did not disappoint, and was definitely worth the wait! I went with P and a cousin for Sunday Brunch, but any time of day would be perfect. I was also left curious about what their dinner cuisine would be like… guess I’ll have to save that for another trip!Egg Shop is located at 151 Elizabeth Street


Hungarian Pastry Shop

This place keeps it old school for sure. They don’t have wifi, you can only pay with cash, and they offer free refills on tea and coffee. I loved to take my laptop or a good book and sit at a table in a dark corner for a few hours. The pastry is delicious, and it’s near impossible to leave empty-handed! I don’t think you’ll regret this one!

Hungarian Pastry Shop is located at 1030 Amsterdam Avenue


The Smith

Whenever I wanted to go somewhere nice, for a lunch with friends or for a special occasion, The Smith was always the place. Their food has always been amazing, whether for lunch, dinner or brunch! They have a few locations, but the East Village restaurant is the only one I’d ever go to. Plus, they have a photobooth next to the toilets, so after you gorge yourself, make sure you take some silly snaps to commemorate the occasion!

The Smith is located at 1030 Amsterdam Avenue

Cafe Lalo

My first trip to Cafe Lalo was when I was in high school. It involved a very sophisticated night of espresso and cheesecake at 1 in the morning. It was burned into my brain after that (and also from multiple viewings of You’ve Got Mail which features the Cafe in all it’s fairy lit glory). The food is good, and though it’s a little on the expensive side, I’ve never been disappointed by a single thing I’ve ever had there… If that doesn’t convince you, they’ve got 23 different flavors of cheesecake (plus about a million other desserts) just waiting for you to sample!

Cafe Lalo is located at 201 West 87th Street

Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC

Wafles and Dinges

A few years ago, there was an explosion of food truck culture in NYC, and the one that kept coming out tops? Wafles and Dinges. Belgian Wafles with all manner of topping on them. They’re absolutely delicious! These days, they’ve been able to open up 2 cafes as well as continuing to to feed the waffle addiction with their food trucks all over the city. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll never be too far away from a little piece of edible heaven!

Wafles and Dinges is located at 15 Avenue B (at East 2nd Street) or follow on Twitter for truck locations

Red Bamboo

This place was actually a discovery of a vegan friend, who passed it along, and got me addicted. Their menu features some real culinary treats, from mango chicken to ribs to curry. The surprise? Every single thing on the menu is vegan. I was never a fan of replacement meats when I became vegetarian, but Red Bamboo completely blew that out of the water. I’ve taken plenty of carnivorous friends to eat there as well, and they loved it just as much as me!

Red Bamboo is located at 140 West 4th Street


Levain Bakery

The summer between high school and college, I worked at Levain Bakery. Since they were a small independent (but popular) bakery, when I started, the owners asked that I try everything once so I could give customers an honest opinion about what I liked. So I can attest to the fact that everything in this bakery will be delightful. Their specialty… and the thing they’re most famous for? Cookies. 4 flavors, each weighed out to be exactly 6oz, baked to perfection and perfect even when you’re eating them three days later. Treat yourself (and maybe have a glass of milk on hand!). I promise you won’t regret it. And if you buy a bunch of cookies and don’t like them? Well, I will happily take them off your hands!

Levain Bakery is located a167 West 74th Street


Two Boots Pizza

You can’t possibly go to New York City and not have a slice of pizza… it would definitely be considered sacrelige. I was in New York for a week and I had pizza at least 4 times… New Yorkers live off of it. My favorite place to go? Two Boots. They’ve got a few spots around the city, and none of them will disappoint. Not too greasy, great toppings choices and a colorful vibe that encourages a great time. No matter how you slice it, Two Boots offers up a great dish!

Two Boots – various locations

Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC
Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC

Honorable Mentions

The thing about New York is that there are so many places I love, and so many places I’ve wanted to try! Sadly, I couldn’t quite get to them all, so here are a few honorable mentions that I also love or that I’ve had my eye on for a little while!

Jack’s Wife Freda – spotted on Instagram over and over again. The menu looks delicious and it comes recommended but I’ve not personally been. Though I did walk by, and it was packed, which is definitely a good sign!

Doughnut Plant – handcrafted doughnuts in about as many flavors as you could want. Just get there early in the day for a full selection of doughnuts. They’re bizarre and amazing!

Maman– another one that was on my list but I didn’t make it out to. I’m a sucker for bakeries and this one is no different. Plus, I’ve been stalking them on Instagram and it all just makes me so hungry!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – made on site at one of their two locations, though they’re not always open year round. Why not walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and then make your way to BICF for a nice treat?

Happy eating!

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Ghenet Actually || 8 Unmissable Food Experience in NYC

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