3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

December 29, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Three Life Lessons I Learned This Year

Ah, 2018, what a year you’ve been. Without a doubt, when we get to December, I find myself wondering what the heck I’ve been doing all year! Looking back, it’s been such a great year, and honestly, I feel like I’ve had a few life lessons as well. I mean, I turned 30 this year, didn’t I? It’s probably time I actively appreciate the things I’ve learned!

Ghenet Actually || Three Life Lessons I Learned This Year
Ghenet Actually || Three Life Lessons I Learned This Year

2018 has definitely had a bit of a learning curve. I feel like I’m in a pretty good place as we wind down to the end of the year; still though, there have been some ups and downs! I’ve definitely learned a few life lessons though!

Taking Time Off Is Essential

I’m pretty terrible at taking time off. I’ve only recently really understood the value of taking sick days. Maybe part of it is that for years, I couldn’t afford to take time off.

Time off was time I wasn’t getting paid.

It definitely is a luxury.

Still, one life lesson I learned this year was that time off is essential. For my well being, for my happiness, for living my best life.

Mr. Actually and I took a proper vacation this year, and we spent 10 days in Sardinia. Honestly, it was just what the doctor ordered.

It’s made me realize that taking time off, even just a day, is so incredibly important!

Not All Friendships Are Meant To Be

I have a few trust issues when it comes to friendships. When I was younger I had a few people pretend to be my friend, and then tell secrets about me, and treat me badly. Sometimes, even now, if I feel like a friend might be a bit quiet or something, I get a little paranoid.

There are occasions this year where the silence wasn’t me being paranoid. Sometimes people grow apart.

I realized that if I’m not getting out what I’m putting into a friendship, it’s okay to let it fade.

There’s certainly no hard feelings, but I’m making more of an effort to nurture my valuable friendships.

Don’t Forget To Be Proud of The Little Things

This is something I am constantly reminding myself of. Confidence is something I struggle with and part of that is feeling like I’m good enough. The funny thing is, the only one who keeps moving the bar is me.

So I tried to make sure I took the time to be proud of the little things. I’ve done a lot in the last year!

This year, I took a proper holiday.

I also reached a goal on Instagram that felt a little unattainable for a while there.

Toward the end of the year, I started doing blog coaching.

I’ve been a bit better about going to the gym as well as taking care of my mental health.

Did I accomplish every single goal I set for myself this year? No. That doesn’t mean that I failed though.

Taking a little time to remind myself of the little things is definitely a life lesson I’ll be taking with me into 2019. It’s so important to remember that things take time, and the little steps along the way can only help you grow!

How are you feeling going into the New Year? What lessons do you feel like you’ve learned this year? Share them with me in the comments!

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Ghenet Actually || Three Life Lessons I Learned This Year

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