3 Reasons to Go For A Walk In The Countryside

May 15, 2018
Ghenet Actually || 3 Reasons to Go For A Walk in the Countryside

This past bank holiday, Mr. Actually and I packed a bag of snacks, laced up our sneakers and hoped on a train into Surrey. It’s certainly one of the bonuses of living in South London; hope on a train and you’re in the countryside in no time at all! We started doing these walks in the countryside last summer and though this is a little different than my usual content, I thought I’d share a few reasons why! We’ve been counting down the days until the nice weather, so we can do more walks in the countryside. We’ve absolutely fallen in love!

Ghenet Actually || 3 Reasons to Go For A Walk in the Countryside
Ghenet Actually || 3 Reasons to Go For A Walk in the Countryside
Ghenet Actually || 3 Reasons to Go For A Walk in the Countryside
Ghenet Actually || 3 Reasons to Go For A Walk in the Countryside

I have to admit, one of the things I love about London is what a green city it is. The whole UK actually is so lush and lovely. So it’s really nice to go exploring sometimes! Let me explain…

Get out of the London bubble

Life in London can be busy, loud and very fast paced. You go at full speed ahead all the time, and occasionally it’s nice to get out of that. Take a break. Move a little slower and savor the moment, ya know? I’m very much a city kid. Born and raised in the Big Apple, and now living in London. When we do these walks, it’s such a nice change of pace, I often find myself commenting that it’s nice to get out of London. Sounds weird, right? Taking a step back helps reconnect me with the world around me. I love living in London, but sometimes I need a walk in the countryside as a nice reminder just to live my best life, and embrace what’s around me!

Clear Away The Cobwebs

You know when you’ve been ill, or stuck inside all day, and you just need some fresh air? So you drag yourself off the couch, pull on some fresh clothes and walk down to the shops for something minuscule? Going for a walk in the countryside is basically the bigger, better version of that! A few hours in the countryside, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the scenery, really helps clear away the cobwebs. The things that might be stressing you out or worrying you take a back seat to something more important. Plus, if you get one of those books that offer nice walks in the countryside (like this one that we use!), navigating them stretches out a new muscle. I find that I get lots of ideas while I’m walking.

Appreciate the Little Things

On the walk we went on the other week, a truly magical moment happened. We stopped in a little clearing to have a snack (We always bring food with us; even simple sandwiches feel indulgent when you’re sitting in the countryside!) and there we were surrounded by bluebells. Neither of us said a word; there was absolutely no noise. The only things we could hear were the birds chirping away, and the gentle rumble of a nearby stream. It was downright magnificent! Mr. Actually and I both couldn’t believe it; it felt like we were in a film or something. It’s those little things that make the walks worth it. Eating lunch in a field of bluebells; hiking uphill (and nearly having an asthma attack because I’m not great with hills) and coming to a magnificent view that stretches out for miles and miles; coming across some baby lambs in a field and watching them frolic in the sun. It’s those little things that make those walks memorable. They also make me appreciative not just of my body for carrying me there, but for the world at large, and the privilege I have in being able to enjoy them!

Now, I fully understand that it’s a very simple thing for me to say, oh go for a walk in the countryside, but that’s not always realistic! London itself is a very green city, which is amazing, and I’ve gone for walks within the city as well! It certainly doesn’t have to be an every weekend type of thing! If you’re able, and you’re interested, do it! It’s something that Mr. Actually and I have come to look forward to with the warm weather, and I feel great for it. My reason for sharing is really that I just want you, lovely readers, to find something you love in the same way! Happy hunting!

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    Monique | SkeletonWeirdo
    May 15, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    I have been going on walks more lately and you’re so right. I love the moments where it’s all quiet in the countrysides.

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