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I’m a bit of a homebody by nature but I also love to explore! While travelling abroad is off of the agenda for a while, I’m looking forward to exploring the UK a bit more. There’s so many places I’d like to see! So when VisitBritain asked if I’d be up for exploring Norwich for a weekend, I couldn’t say no! This medieval city has been around for a bit, and there’s so much history there. I’d never really been to the area before, but boy did I love exploring it! I brought my pal Carrie along and we had a grand old time! Keep scrolling to see what we got up to!

Lay Down Your Head

During our trip to Norwich, we stayed at the lovely Maids Head Hotel. Apparently it’s one of the oldest hotels in the UK! Our room was nice and cozy, the breakfast  nice and tasty. Better still, it’s perfectly placed for days of exploring! Just by the Cathedral, we were able to walk pretty much everywhere on our itinerary in 10 minutes or less! I’d definitely recommend bringing your walking shoes; we averaged about 20,000 steps every day of our trip! So it was nice to get back to our hotel room and just relax for the evening!

A Bit Of History

Now, Norwich has been around for a little while, and it’s so fascinating to see all the different bits of history that overlap with each other. Our very first stop was to see Norwich Cathedral, a stunning specimen of architecture. I felt a bit like I was wandering around Hogwarts! From there, we had a lovely amble through Elm Hill, a little area of Norwich with sweet old buildings and cobbled streets. For a brief moment, I thought I might have been in Boston! Funny how that happens!

We also spent some time perusing the galleries at Norwich Castle. Part art gallery, part natural history museum, I loved the mish-mashed feel of it. They have so much on display that has been collected over the years from different curators and whatnot. Think Victorian taxidermy, and Renaissance paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Plus the castle has plenty of history on it’s own too!

Another place we found a bit of history? Following the Norwich River Walk, along the River Wensum! We were just sort of wandering and found the path, which took us by Cow Tower and Pull’s Ferry, two more historic spots in Norwich. Plus, the autumnal leaves made it a pretty cozy stroll!

Shop Til You Drop…

One thing I really loved about Norwich was all the amazing independent shops we found! I love supporting small businesses, so its a great city for that! Norwich Market was chockablock full of food stalls and indie businesses (and we even got a sprinkling of history thanks to our tour guide Paul, who shared some fascinating background on the market and the city). The Lanes had loads of shops, including the very adorable Elm. We also stumbled on an antiques market inside an old church!

Across the river, on Magdalen Street was easily the coolest place I’d ever been: Looses Emporium. Three floors of furniture, knick knacks and just about anything you could hope to find. We could have easily spent several hours combing every corner of the place! Shame I can’t drive, or I would have hired a car to take home some of the furniture we found!

Order Up!

If you’re big on food, don’t you worry; Norwich has plenty to offer up! We really enjoyed all of our meals, and there were even more options than we made it to! We had a tasty lunch at The Waffle House, followed by a delightful meal at The Ivy for dinner. Tea and cake at The Britons Arms was the perfect treat after a few hours of walking (plus they have a little secret garden, so we could enjoy a bit of sunshine!). We treated ourselves to some fish and chips from Grosvenor Fish Bar and they did not disappoint. On our final day, we opted for a second breakfast at Artel and it kept me going on the journey home! My absolute favorite meal though? The paneer butter masala and garlic naan I had at Namaste Village. The food was insanely good and honestly, I could go for another one right now!

I mentioned Norwich Market earlier, but it’s worth noting that it’s another great place for a bite to eat! Every time we passed by, there were loads of people queuing for a takeaway!

Just a bit further…

I’ve got two more things to add to your itinerary! Both are a little further afield (well, further than a 10 minute walk from the hotel, but still…). We had a lot of rain, but the weather got itself together just in time for us to visit The Plantation Garden, which was something of a delightful surprise! It used to be an old chalk quarry that was turned into a garden, to rather stunning effect. The pièce de résistance? A stone terrace at one end, blooming with plant life. The whole thing is surrounded by woods, and it was incredibly peaceful. Had the day been drier, we would have stopped by a bakery for tea and pastry and sat on the lawn just to take it all in!

The final stop on our visit was to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Not only does it feature a sprawling collection, but regular exhibits and a sculpture garden. One taxi ride and you’re off! Had we had a bit more time, I would have also loved to explore the surrounding area too!

Back to London

Back to London, back to Liverpool Street after a whirlwind trip to Norwich. I have to say, after months at home it was so nice to change things up a little bit. New places to explore always adds a bit of excitement, doesn’t it? I had a blast, and honestly, I’d go back to Norwich again! Now the real question is… where do I want to go next?

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  • Sian says:

    Wow!! Norwich has been on my list of places to visit for sometime, just because I’ve never explored the area and have seen fragments of it in vlogs, but I never realised just how much there is on offer! It looks so magic! I’m still not personally able to travel anywhere yet, but you’ve definitely given me food for thought for when I can. What a gorgeous place. I love the look of all the shop fronts too 🙂

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