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December 11, 2018
Ghenet Actually || Hot Chocolate and Heart to Hearts

Howdy, lovely people! I hope this post finds you well in the midst of the countdown to Christmas! Just checking in for a bit of a chat, instead of talking about something specific. Have I ever done a post like this before? I’m not sure, but I was feeling inspired. I suppose it’s nice to see a bit more of the brain behind the blogger, so let’s have a little chat! In truth, I was inspired by Liv‘s lovely post… it felt so much more like a catch up between friends! I’d like to think that every post feels a little bit like having a chat, but here’s putting it into practice! 

Ghenet Actually || Hot Chocolate and Heart to Hearts
Ghenet Actually || Hot Chocolate and Heart to Hearts
Ghenet Actually || Hot Chocolate and Heart to Hearts

Turtleneck, Monki // Cords, Boden // Bag, Cambridge Satchel Co // Shoes, Converse

Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a little run down in the last week. I took a day off work on Saturday so that I could get some sleep and fight the cold that got thrown my way.

What a difference a day makes.

I don’t normally have two days off back to back (my work schedule means I’m off on Fridays but working Saturdays, so weekends aren’t really a thing for me…) so having three days to just chill out was just what the doctor ordered!

By Thursday last week, I was bunged up, exhausted, and coughing up a lung, which is not what you want just before Christmas! Sunday, I felt well enough to get out of the house and meet up with Nicole!

We stopped by Columbia Road (again) before getting caught in the rain and camping out in Barber and Parlour with cups of tea.

Nicole and I always have heart-to-hearts, talking about the mundane to the more serious. It’s so nice to have friends like that, you know? We followed our chat up with a wander around Shoreditch, which is looking VERY festive at the moment!

This Christmas has been really lovely so far, and the big day hasn’t yet arrived. I do find myself ruminating on a few things that are looming in the future…

Do I want to eventually take the blog full time if I can?

When do I need to apply for my next visa?

Who do I have plans with in the New Year?

How long will it take me to finally buy a new laptop, because things are getting desperate!

I think it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed at this time of year. Not only is it a busy time, but suddenly I panic and think, WHAT have I been doing all year?! So, yeah, it’s only natural to start thinking about what I need to focus on come January 1st…

Christmas is also a time when I get a little bit homesick. I haven’t seen my family in person in about two years, though we’re planning a trip next year. Being far from family can be tough, but my husband is so wonderful that it makes it a little easier. That’s part of the reason we’ve focused on creating traditions!

I’m rambling, I know!

My main point is, sometimes it’s just nice to have a little chat, no matter the topic!

Photos by Nicole

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