5 DIY Ideas for Gift Wrapping with Style

December 17, 2019
A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping

Wrap It Up…

Now, I don’t know about you, but boy do I love to wrap gifts. There’s something so nice about making the gifts you’ve bought for people look nice! In fact, I was the official head of gift wrapping in my family. On Christmas morning, I could always tell which gifts were mine because of how they were wrapped! This year, in an effort to be less wasteful, I decided to go the DIY route!

A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping

I’ve talked in the past about how Mr. Actually and I have created our own Christmas traditions, and as you can see, this time of year has become a really special time for us! Not that it wasn’t before, of course… but there’s something nice about having our own home and being able to put a personal touch on everything! That includes the gift wrap!

In general, we’re trying be less wasteful. Gift wrapping was actually something that has been on my radar for a little while, so I decided to go with some kraft paper wrapping this year! Not only is it recyclable, but you can really go all out and do lots of different things to style out your wrapping!

A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping
A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping

Idea #1: Tied up with string!

It’s not a lyric in a Christmas song for nothing! Gift wrapping this way is so simple and it looks so sweet! Plus, you can use different types of string or ribbon! Twine is great, and looks lovely and rustic. Or you could go with baker’s twine, and add a splash of color! Maybe in a red or a gold?

Wrap it around, layer it up, tie it in a bow, and you’re done! Attach a little label if you feel so inclined, write their name in the corner, anything goes really! Plus, you can totally save it again for next year! Sometimes, simple is best!

Idea #2: Add a little greenery!

This one is super easy and adds a real bit of festive flair. When you’re doing your gift wrapping, why not tuck a little sprig of holly, or some eucalyptus in the knot of the bow! Take it to the next level and trim a small branch from your Christmas tree? Bonus points for adding some cinnamon sticks or maybe some dried orange! A pinecone! Even a candy cane! Anything festive! I love doing this to jazz up my gift wrap! Plus these all go so well with string, so really you’re just kicking it up a notch!

A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping
A display of Christmas presents wrapped in DIY gift wrapping

Idea #3: Stamp It Up!

Get in touch with your inner child and use a potato to create your own stamp! This is a super easy way to decorate your gift wrapping! I really liked the vibe of more nordic style papers I saw on Pinterest and from Paperchase, so I tried to do something similar.

Idea #4: Tons of (Washi) Tape…

I have a fair bit of washi tape lying around, as I’m an avid bullet journaller. So when it came time to add some pizzazz to my gift wrapping, I thought, ding ding ding! Washi tape! Generally speaking, washi tape is eco-friendly, so it’s an added bonus. I even found some pretty festive washi tape from Papermash to add to my collection!

Idea #5: Cards, Cards, Cards…

If you’ve got a few spare Christmas cards around, why not use them when you wrap gifts too? I have so many that I never got round to using. They can double as a tag, or something too! Add them with washi tape, or tuck it in once you’ve tied your string!

I love the idea of extending the life of things, and DIYing where I can. I’ve done it in our home, so why not with our Christmas gift wrapping? I feel like I’ve been able to be even more creative with Christmas by taking this route! The best bit is that I know I can do this again next year and not have to go out and buy loads of wrapping paper! There’s something kind of nice about that, isnt’ there?

Anyway, I’m fully in Christmas mode, and doing a little DIY gift wrapping is just another fun way to be festive!

Would you give DIY gift wrapping a go? Tell me in the comments!

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