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How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday

June 26, 2018
Ghenet Actually || How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday

I’m gonna get real with you for a second. We had a major blip on our holiday. After such a wonderful time in Alghero, we arrived in Cagliari to a bit of a shock. Our first two days in the city were really crappy and in danger of ruining our whole holiday. It sometimes happens, doesn’t it! You spend months and months planning a trip. You research, you look at guide books, you plan your days out to a tee. 99% of the time, it goes off without a hitch and everything is amazing. Sometimes though, it all goes wrong and you’re left out of pocket for something that’s incredibly disappointing. So how do you rally? How do you move forward?

Ghenet Actually || How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday
Ghenet Actually || How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday
Ghenet Actually || How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday

Try to Work Out What is Causing the Disappointment

That first 24 hours, we were sniping away at each other, frustrated that our holiday had suddenly taken a turn. It took some time, but we eventually worked out what the big disappointment was. Our B&B was terrible. Where we had stayed in Alghero was lovely, airy, and quiet. Where we stayed in Cagliari was the exact opposite. The photos were a bit misleading, there was very little natural light and it was so incredibly noisy. Being in our room felt so incredibly oppressive and frustrating. The water heater kept turning on in the middle of the night and waking us up. People in other apartments were being loud. The noise from the street would filter in and our only option was to close the windows, which left us in the pitch dark. It was not good at all. Once we figured out the problem though, we were able to detach it from everything else and try to enjoy ourselves elsewhere.

Focus on the Things You Are Enjoying

It was hard at first to see the positive; where you stay while on holiday has a huge effect!  We kept talking about how different it was and how bad the B&B was; that kept us pretty negative. Eventually, I made the executive decision that we weren’t going to talk about it anymore. We both acknowledged the situation, but we would do our best to rally. By focusing on the things we were enjoying, we made more of an effort to find similar things, to get out and explore, to remind ourselves that we were still having a nice holiday, despite the hiccup.

Try to Work Out an Alternate Plan

If we’d had the money, honestly, I would have taken the hit and just tried to find us somewhere else to stay. That wasn’t really feasible though, so we tried to work out ways of getting out of Cagliari. We went into the countryside for a hike. We went down to the beach for a day. I’d already booked our wine tour, so we filled the morning by exploring areas we were curious about and checking out the market. It took us a few days to really be able to turn it around, but trying to make alternate plans really helped!

The most important thing is to remember that it isn’t a permanent situation. We only had five more days of our holiday to get through. It can be really tough, especially when you’ve spent a lot of money on your holiday. If you find yourself facing disappointment, or in a similar situation to us, I hope this helps! These things just happen sometimes!

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Ghenet Actually || How to Deal With Disappointment on Holiday

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