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The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf

September 14, 2018
Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf

*Features some gifted items which are denoted by an asterisk

If you look at all the products Mr. Actually and I have lining our tub, you’ll see that, oh, about 90% of them are mine! His contribution is a bottle of body wash, shampoo and shaving cream. Me? I was born with a mop of curly hair that flourishes with love and attention, so my corner is overflowing with hair products! I mean, what a life I’d live if I could get away with just having shampoo! The truth is, I can’t… I am up to my ears in curly hair products! Luckily, the beauty industry is changing bit by bit, and more and more curly hair products are coming out on the market. I’m always looking for new products to try, and this is what I’ve got on the shelf at the moment!

Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf
Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf
Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf
Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf

I’ve talked a little bit about how I care for my curls, and honestly, it’s always a work in progress. That’s why I’m always looking for new products! I have a lot of hair, but it’s also very fine, so some things are a bit too strong. I’ve found great combinations of things, and at the moment, my hair is feeling pretty good, though I’m probably due a haircut soon!

Cleansing my Curls

Big Hair SLS Shampoo and Co-Wash Conditioner:
I don’t remember where exactly I heard about Big Hair, but It’s been on my radar for a little while. Once I used up my latest batch of shampoo and conditioner, I decided it was time to give it a try! Lots of smaller brands are popping up that specialize in curly hair and I’m always keen to support if I can! Also, I’m really into the ethos of the brand. Well, unsurprisingly, I really loved both the shampoo and the conditioner!

The shampoo helped clean my scalp without being too harsh, and my hair felt soft and clean without that icky stripped feeling it gets with harsher shampoos. The conditioner was also really nice and I didn’t need much to get a comb through my hair! I even used it as a little co-wash midweek! I’ll definitely be restocking on these two!

*Noughty Haircare Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo and Conditioner:
I’ve tried Noughty Haircare before and was very keen to try out their curly hair range, Wave Hello. Lucky for me, I was gifted the line to try, and I can genuinely say I really like it! Having hair products that are sulfate and paraben free is kind of key for my hair, and Noughty ticks all the boxes. I liked that the shampoo really made my hair feel clean, without leaving behind any residue. I’ve tried other shampoos labeled as such that left my hair feeling gross, and needing washing from another product, but I can put that to bed now! I do also like that it’s vegan and cruelty free!

My scalp felt great after washing my hair with the shampoo, and the conditioner made easy work of my tangles. A little bit went a long way, and my hair definitely felt well hydrated! It’s a really good price point as well, which is a bonus! I was gifted these products but I’ve bought Noughty products before and would again!

Hydrating my Curls

Jim + Henry Five Oil:
My hair can get a bit dry, so I’ve only recently started looking at the LOC method (that’s leave in conditioner, oil, and cream) to help get some added hydration. Jim + Henry is a brand I’ve heard a lot about in the curly-haired community and I’m certainly eager to try the rest of their products after falling in love with this oil. A little bit goes a long way and my hair feels (and smells) great! I always add it when my hair is still wet from the shower, and it soaks it right up! Plus, it’s a great little boost for my scalp, which can also get dry, particularly with London’s hard water!

Twisted Sista Leave-In Conditioner:
Leave-In conditioner is a must for me, as it really helps my hair stay defined. I add this while I’m still in the shower, straight after rinsing my hair. On wash days, I rinse out my conditioner or masque with cool water, and then gently comb this bad boy through. Again, it’s very hydrating, which is the ultimate goal (especially as curly hair is notoriously dry) and leaves my curls looking pretty happy. Even mid-week, my curls love this stuff!

Shea Moisture 10-in-1 Hair Masque:
I love a good hair masque. I use one almost every wash day! It’s a great way to inject a lot of moisture back into my hair. I’m a big fan of Shea Moisture, and their masques are great! This particular one is my favorite at the moment. My hair always feels great after using it! My next step is to buy one of those thermal head caps so I can do deep treatments with this bad boy! Plus, a little bit goes a long way!

Styling my Curls

*Noughty Haircare Wave Hello Taming Curl Cream:
I love a good curl cream. Everyone should have one in their arsenal. It’s great to add as a last step in your wash day routine to combat frizz, and it’s great to add to your next day curls to help them refresh! The Wave Hello curl cream was part of the line that I was gifted from the brand but I have used it just about every day since receiving it, so that’s gotta count for something! It’s great for keeping my curls defined and smells lush too! I scrunch a bit into my wet hair and I’m good to go!

Bumble + Bumble Bb.Curl Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil:
I used to be very guilty of loading my hair up with gel. My curls looked nice but my hair was crunchy and if I touched it, the gel would go all flaky and make me look like I had bad dandruff. Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I only use it sparingly. Still though, it’s great in the summer, or if my hair just isn’t cooperating. It’s also good to have in the arsenal when I’m doing my hair for occasions! Either way, this is a product I’ll have for a while!

I’m trying to change how I speak about my hair, and not calling it demanding or hard to deal with, because, honestly? It’s not, really. It’s just like learning a new language. Once you learn how your hair is speaking to you, it’s fairly easy to take care of. I invest and try all of these products to help me understand what my hair needs… this is the only head of hair that I’ve got, so I’m gonna do my best to take care of it!

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Ghenet Actually || The Curly Hair Products Currently on My Shelf

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