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The WMW Challenge: Floaty Skirts and Roll Necks

January 12, 2019
Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks

I’ve gone through my wardrobe and I’ve got three outfits for you as part of my ‘Wear My Wardrobe’ challenge! It’s gone very cold suddenly, and I’m very aware of things I need to purchase, but I’m sure having fun with what I’ve already got! Up first, we have a fun outfit, featuring my favorite floaty skirt! Ideal for January? Probably not, but it sure sparks joy (no, you’ve been binge-watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix!)!

Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks
Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks
Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks

This fabulous blue skirt was a little birthday treat for myself and I certainly got a lot of wear out of it! I wore it on my birthday weekend in Margate, and my birthday trip to Cornwall!

I even wore it well into the Fall, but once it got cold, it stayed on the shelf.

I think that’s a common thing we do, packing up summer clothing. Really, with a pair of tights, those things could easily be worn all year round.

I may get some thicker black tights and rock this gorgeous and oh-so floaty skirt with Chelsea boots and a nice thick jumper!

While seasonal items of clothing are great, I love when my clothing can be versatile. You get a ton more wear out of it, don’t you think? Do you have things you only wear in summer? Or do you aim to have things you can wear all year round?

Beret, Accessorize // Roll Neck, Monki // Skirt, Oliver Bonas // Boots, Debenhams

Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks
Ghenet Actually || Floaty Skirt and Roll Necks

I paired this skirt with a top I bought from Monki in October, but have only worn twice. I don’t know why, but it’s been gathering just!

Looking at it now though, it’s a great layering item, isn’t it?

Under a jumpsuit, or a button down, perhaps?

It’s perfect with a floaty skirt and with pink cords!

I’ll definitely be keeping it in the wardrobe, since it goes with just about everything I own and that’s never a bad thing.

The beret you might recognize as I definitely wear it a lot. I convinced myself that because of my curly hair, hats aren’t a great option, but then I tried this beret, and fell in love! Definitely looking to increase my hat collection!

The boots are from a collaboration with Debenhams and I love them, though I don’t wear them often. They’re pretty comfortable though, so I should really be wearing them a lot more than I do!

Even wearing them with this outfit has made me realize that sneakers are my go to and I should probably look at having a few different styles of shoes to wear outside of work!

Don’t worry, I’m not doing any shopping, but it is fun to see what is missing from my wardrobe and where I’d like to grow and expand!

Photos by Nicole

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