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We’re Having a TV-Free Night Tonight

May 28, 2019

We’ve finished Game of Thrones, we’ve finished Line of Duty and now we’re wondering what series we’re gonna watch next! Well, not exactly… We’ve decided to resume doing a TV-free night once a week, as an effort to cut down on our TV time. I mean, it’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes though, we come home from work, throw ourselves on the couch and suddenly several hours have gone by! Turning off the TV is something we do every once in a while, and here’s why…

The first time we had a TV-free night, I cooked a nice dinner, we had a bottle of wine, and just listened to music and talked. We played some card games too. And we were in bed by 10pm. The next day, both of us felt so well-rested, and we definitely felt closer.

You fall into the habit, don’t you? After a long day at work, sometimes you just need repeat episodes of Friends to decompress.

The trouble is when that habit takes over, and you forget to just hang out with one another. Plus, having some downtime without all the technology can only benefit your mental health and your sleep!

I’ve talked about why we’ve started meal planning, and having TV-free nights ties into that too. Whoever is cooking on that night might go the extra mile. Or try a new recipe that we can linger over and really appreciate.

Intrigued by the idea but don’t know where to start?

TV-Free Tip #1: Cook a Meal

An obvious one I know, but now that you have a few extra hours, why not decide to whip something special up for dinner? We’ve definitely had weeks where there’s been a lot of oven chips and takeaways, but preparing a meal can be really special! Why not do it together? We made pad thai together not too long ago and it was actually really fun!

TV-Free Tip #2: Bust Out The Board Games

We have Scrabble, Clue, Jenga, and cards at our disposal, so we always have a game of something after dinner! We’re both a bit competitive, so it can get a little heated (especially when we’re playing gin rummy)! This is great when you have friends over too. Carrie and Miguel came round for lunch, and we ended up playing cards for an hour after lunch!

TV-Free Tip #3: Turn on the Tunes

One thing we like to do when we’ve turned off the TV is to put some music on and just talk. About anything and everything. Sometimes, the tunes provide the soundtrack to a nice meal, or a rousing game of Jenga, but it’s nice either way. We aim for things that are soothing, or more chilled out, and it gets us in a great mood. We’ve got a bit of vinyl too, so one night, we had a bottle of wine and just listened, and talked about how the music made us feel. It was lovely!

TV-Free Tip #4: Get in Bed

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be in bed by 8pm every night. So, if the TV is off, why not take advantage and cozy up in bed with a good book or a nice cup of tea? There’s a reason my bedtime routine involves leaving my phone in the kitchen and then reading for at least 30 minutes! It works wonders!

A game of scrabble set up on a table. Two bottles of Coke, and a notepad with scores are on the table next to it.
A game of scrabble set up on a table. Two bottles of Coke, and a notepad with scores are on the table next to it.

Most of the time, our TV-free night will encompass all of these things. Honestly, I love it! I always sleep really well, and who doesn’t love a little bonding time with your loved ones? Life gets so hectic sometimes that having a TV-free night feels a little like pushing the pause button. We’ve had time to recharge, we’ve had some serious chats about life, we’ve just had a few hours where we were content. It’s a hard habit to break, just camping out on the couch, but once you do, it feels very freeing!

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